The Renaming of Equelite Academy: Honoring Juan Carlos Ferrero’s 20th Anniversary as World Number One

The Renaming of Equelite Academy: Honoring Juan Carlos Ferrero’s 20th Anniversary as World Number One

On the occasion of Juan Carlos Ferrero’s 20th anniversary as world number one, the academy has decided to change the name in his honor.

In 2003, Juan Carlos Ferrero proclaimed himself the best tennis player in the world after beating André Agassi in a direct duel for No. 1. He snatched the highest position in the ranking and reached the finals of the US Open. The young player made history, but maintained his humble roots. He trained since he was little in an Academy directed by Antonio Martinez Cascales, located in the city of Alicante (Villena) and which responded to the name of Equelite.

The Ferrero Tennis Academy arrives

From there the Equelite Academy grew at the same time as Ferrero, who after retiring took charge of it, always in the company of the team that had founded the Academy. After helping many players reach professionalism, including several Top 10, the JC Ferrero Equelite Tennis Academy managed to repeat a historic milestone just a year ago.

In a very similar situation, this time in 2022: US Open Final, Carlos Alcaraz and Casper Ruud in a direct duel for first place in the world ranking. Juan Carlos’s pupil also won this match. Carlitos became the youngest ATP No. 1 in history. The Academy became the only one in the 21st century to take two players to the top of the ranking.

The until now called JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy, renounces its founding name from today and begins to put the name of Juan Carlos in the main plan. “Equelite will continue to be part of the Academy because it is the methodology and idea that has defined it since its doors opened, but Juan Carlos Ferrero is the image that reflects those values. He has earned hard work for the Academy to bear his name«. Says Antonio Martínez Cascales, founder of the Academy and Ferrero’s coach throughout his career. The Academy will be renamed from today Ferrero Tennis Academy.

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