The Peruvian National Team’s Struggles with Generating Offense: A Closer Look at their Recent Matches

This time we had to suffer. The Peruvian National Team had very few minutes to show their game, that is, putting the ball on the ground and generating danger in the rival area. First it was due to our nervousness and the aggressiveness of the local team and, later, the regression of lines was more evident when Luis Advíncula was sent off before 45 minutes. Being far from Carlos Coronel’s goal meant that those led by Juan Reynoso had very few opportunities to break the zero. This was evident in a single shot on goal, which could have ended in a great goal from Paolo Guerrero.

In the nine matches that the ‘Cabezón’ led the ‘Blanquirroja’, the confrontation against the Guaraní squad marked the fourth match in which we made one or fewer direct shots on goal. In other words, at this point in the national team’s new cycle, we have already accumulated 44% of the matches with a record of one shot or less on goal.

This bad moment began in the first meeting of the national strategist in charge of everyone’s team, against Mexico almost a year ago. That night at the Rose Bowl, our team shot seven times, although none of them had direction between the three sticks. This bad streak was repeated again on the tour of Europe, first without being in any kind of danger with zero shots on goal against Germany. The situation improved against Morocco, although very little, with one shot in total, but without the African goal as its destination.

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Under this negative record, it is essential to emphasize that we have never managed to obtain the three points at stake. In the match against Paraguay, we achieved a second draw, while on the other two occasions we failed to score a single point. However, it is relevant to mention that the three meetings prior to the confrontation in Guaraní lands took place in the context of friendly matches.

Paolo Guerrero offline

The absence of Gianluca Lapadula, who is injured until approximately November and will miss the next double date, opened an opportunity in the starting eleven for Paolo Guerrero. However, the match did not turn out to be comfortable for the experienced striker from the Quito League. The lack of clear opportunities to receive the ball and the solid mark imposed by the Paraguayan defenders caused a notable decrease in the performance of the Peruvian national team’s all-time top scorer.

During several moments of the match in Paraguay, it became common to see the ‘9’ away from his usual position in the area, even going back to the midfield line. This tactical decision reduced our opportunities to create danger in the rival area. However, on one occasion, Guerrero managed to find an opportunity. He took a powerful shot from outside the area, impacting his shot into the Paraguayan goal.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that Paolo Guerrero failed to establish a good connection with his teammates on the field. Christofer Gonzales did not appear to be his best ally, and his performance was inconsequential, which led to his substitution at the end of the first 45 minutes. He also could not replicate the effectiveness of years ago with Miguel Trauco’s deep balls. His understanding with wingers Carrillo and Polo ended up being insufficient in the match. At some moments, he felt the absence of the best version of Christian Cueva.

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