the new ones are late

the new ones are late

Scambrace against Monza. Kamadadecisive against Napoli, Thuram against Fiorentina. But we could go on. The Loftus-Cheek, Reijnders and Pulisic trio took over Milan. Flying lower, retegui he has already brought 3 heavy points to Genoa. New faces leaving their mark in Serie A. It’s not about quality rankings, comparisons between players, judgments like “one is better than the other”. But of attendance. Tangible. In the field. 29th minute of Roma-Milan: Aouar is injured. The Rome that remains is the same as last year, with more Paredes but with Dybala, Matic, Ibañez and Abraham down. And the new ones? Watching. For different reasons but the substance does not change: there are none. Who reads this prologue as a preemptive defense of Mourinho, he’s very wrong. It is simply an attempt to understand why Roma, net of the game that stagnates, the team that walks on the pitch and the bleak performance on Friday evening, have one point in three games. On the eve of the match with Salernitana José had tried to curb the wait which would later explode into enthusiasm with the arrival of Luke: «Paredes, Renato Sanches and Aouar are three players I like. But how many games did Aouar play last year? Leander the same. Renato had some injuries that didn’t allow him to play continuously. If he were fine, he would play for PSG. They are players who like them but who need to be worked on, prepared and protected». Some have interpreted these words as yet another attempt to get their hands on or to tease the property. Facts, not opinions, are unfortunately proving him right.


Rome, here is the Europa League calendar with dates and times: the first away (forbidden to fans)

Mourinho, risk third (and perhaps last) season in mediocrity: Lukaku is the man of hope


sandwiches he stopped at the second training session held in Trigoria after the 20-minute debut. Out with Verona and Milan. Aouar he got hurt against the Rossoneri. Luckily there is now a break but he risks not even being there when he returns against Empoli. Azmoun arrived already injured. Luke he didn’t have time to finish the photo shoot at the Fori Imperiali, when Mou catapulted him onto the pitch in the last 20 minutes, hoping for a miracle and crossing his fingers that he didn’t get hurt, having a couple of workouts in his legs and with the last match played at the end of June, in the national team against Estonia.

Now that he could work on it, he loses it due to Belgium’s commitments and will have it back three days before the match against the Tuscans. Kristensen, after two bad performances against Salernitana and Verona, gave way to Celik.

I’m sorry he didn’t even play a minute. Motivation? “He has yet to learn to play with us.” Sinister explanation, considering that it was the same date for Solbakken who said goodbye to the company to join Olympiacos and take the first pebbles off his shoes: «I’m happy because this is a winning club and offers attacking football». It will be said: Roma, held back by the posts of the FFP, could not move in any other way. And in the end between Lukaku and the trio in the midfield, the result must be promoted. True, for now but only on paper. Because there are no new players on the pitch. And when they appear, they are clearly behind in condition. It is the duty to pay for a market based on opportunities and not on choices. Having said that, the Champions League remains the goal of the season. But not realizing that Mou starts with the handicap, on the pitch and in the standings, is short-sighted. Indeed, deliberately short-sighted.

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