The Impact of Noah Lyles’ Words in the Basketball World: Fan and Kevin Durant’s Twitter Exchange

Noah Lyles’ words are still present in the world of basketball. If last week it was Lillard who was talking about it, these days there has been an exchange of words between a fan and Kevin Durant on the social network Twitter. Meanwhile, Partizan’s recent signing, Frank Kaminsky, spoke about his adaptation to European basketball after his stay in the NBA. The American player was born and raised in a Serbian community in Woodridge, Illinois. This season he joined the Belgrade team after his last stint with Charlotte Hornets.

“I’m adapting very well, it’s easy for me, the team makes it easy for me. There are players who have been here for several years and help me with any questions I have. The game is a little different than the NBA, but I’m also learning that as time goes by. It is good that the preparation lasts so long, there are many games and you can understand things from the beginning.” When asked how exactly this is different from the NBA, with the opinions expressed by Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic, among others, Frank responded: “They are right. The game is more physical, although there are also differences in some regulations. For example, in defense there is no three-second regulation in the paint and it is more difficult to score. So I also try to go to more team plays and think more this way. But basketball is basketball everywhere. If you are a good player, it doesn’t matter where you started, where you were born. The NBA is a very demanding league and the Europeans are starting to come and play very well and the Americans like me are starting to come here. We know how good the level is here, how good the whole experience is,” he explained.

He had seen some Euroleague game before arriving: “I saw a little. While I was in the NBA, I tried to watch as much of the NBA as I could. But some teammates who have played in Europe told me about the high level of basketball. Bogdan Bogdanovic, who we were teammates with last year on the Hawks, did not miss a game. I won’t say the same about myself, but I could see a little bit. I was a free agent for the last five summers and there was always interest in coming to Europe. But when I told Bogdan about Partizan, he said: “Go away!” He told me the best things about the team, the coach, everyone. He made me feel comfortable and I accepted the offer.”

“The NBA is easy… the Euroleague is difficult. Everybody says the same. “Joel Embiid can’t average 30 in the Euroleague,” commented one fan. That’s when Kevin Durant came in.

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