“The fracture is not the main problem”: Brad Barritt positive but cautious on Dupont’s return

At a time when Antoine Dupont’s injury and his possible return for the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup are still stirring debates, French supporters are clinging to positive testimonies to maintain hope. This time, it was former Saracens center Brad Barritt, victim of two fractures to his cheekbone, who told The Team his injuries, his operations and his returns to competition.

Hit during a match against Harlequins, just a few days before a European Cup quarter-final against Leinster, the South African had, like Antoine Dupont, undergone surgery to place two titanium plates on the damaged bone . A way of consolidating the cheekbone, which allowed him to compete in the match just five days after his operation.

“Don’t expose your brain”

A good omen for the captain of the XV of France? Brad Barritt remains measured in his interview. “Antoine is such a rugby player that everyone wants him to participate in the final phase, even his opponents,” he explained to the sports daily. In my opinion, the fracture of the cheekbone is not the main problem, the operation really helps to consolidate that. The cheek must then be no longer swollen. But each case is particular and the most important thing, before making the decision to put the player back on the field, is to be sure not to expose his brain. »

Because it is not the divide that particularly bothers the South African. During his first injury of this type, Brad Barritt also suffered a concussion, which kept him away from the field for three weeks. This was not the case the second time, which allowed him to come back much more quickly.

Concerning Antoine Dupont, the period of three to four weeks before his possible return to competition covers that of return to play linked to a probable concussion. His race against time to hold his place in the quarter-finals is now well and truly underway. After consulting medical opinions, the player will ultimately decide whether he feels able to hold his place on the field.


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