The easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga Welcomes NBA-Experienced Players for New Season

The easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga starts the new season on Wednesday with the game Ratiopharm Ulm against the Niners Chemnitz.

And there has never been so much NBA experience in Germany: our players have a total of 2,159 NBA games under their belt. Plays an average of almost 120 games per team.

Theoretically. Because more than two thirds of all teams do not have any former NBA players in their ranks.

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A total of eleven professionals play in the BBL who have previously played in the best league in the world.

Right at the front: Bayern’s new superstar Serge Ibaka (34). The center and forward played 1,071 games, more than half of which (613) he played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His earnings during his 14 years in the NBA? Almost 142 million US dollars.

All eyes on Sterling Brown. Alba’s new playmaker comes with 292 NBA appearances under his belt

Photo: Brandon Wade/dpa

Number two in terms of NBA experience is Alba’s new playmaker Sterling Brown (28). The American, who was under contract for the LA Lakers last season, made 292 NBA appearances.

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Source: BILD September 24, 2023

Third place goes, somewhat surprisingly, to a player from promoted Rasta Vechta: Wes Iwundu (28), who spent last season in the Portland Trailblazers farm team, comes to Lower Saxony with the experience of 236 NBA appearances.

The complete list

Bayern Munich: Serge Ibaka 1071 games (including Oklahoma, Toronto, LA Clippers), Isaac Bonga 148 games (LA Lakers, Washington, Toronto), Carsen Edwards 75 games (Boston, Detroit), Leandro Bolmaro 49 games (Minnesota, Utah), Freddie Gillespie 29 games (Toronto, Orlando), Elias Harris 2 (LA Lakers).

Alba Berlin: Sterling Brown 292 games (Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, LA Lakers), Matt Thomas 139 games (Toronto, Utah, Chicago).

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Rasta Vechta: Wes Iwundu 236 games (Orlando, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta).

Academics Heidelberg: Paul Zipser 104 Spiele (Chicago Bulls).

Ratiopharm Ulm: Dakota Mathias 14 games (Philadelphia, Memhis).

13 teams with no NBA experience

Without NBA experience: Telekom Baskets Bonn, MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg, EWE Baskets Oldenburg, Hakro Merlins Crailsheim, Bamberg Baskets, BG Göttingen, Basketball Löwen Braunschweig, Rostock Seawolves, Veolia Towers Hamburg, Niners Chemnitz, Würzburg Baskets, Syntainics MBC, Tigers Tübingen.

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