SV 52 Zschaitz Athletes Honored with Bronze ‘Star of Sports’ for Community Commitment

Zschaitz athletes receive the “Great Star of Sports” in bronze

They are also committed to the village community. Two other clubs from the Döbeln region also scored points.

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Angelika Belletti from the board of VR-Bank Mittelsachsen (left) and Benjamin Kahlert, managing director of KSB Mittelsachsen (right), presented Alexander Süß and Antje Schmidt from SV 52 Zschaitz with the bronze “Star of Sports”. © Robert Thater

Döbeln region. The joy at the home and sports club of SV 52 Zschaitz was great. He was awarded the “Star of Sports” in bronze. This honors his special social commitment.

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2023-09-19 13:06:21
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