Stephen Curry Responds to Claims of Being the Greatest Point Guard of All Time

Stephen Curry proclaimed himself the best point guard of all time. Well, he was mainly answering a question from Gilbert Arenas. But all the same, the Golden State Warriors superstar sees himself at the top of the hierarchy in his position. And it’s defensible. His track record and accomplishments, as well as his level of play season after season, speak in his favor. Magic Johnsonwho is considered the GOAT of point guards, still responded in his own way.

« If he has more than five championship titles, more than three Finals MVP trophies, three season MVP trophies, if he is the best passer in the history of the Finals, the one who has made the most triples -doubles, if he has more than all that, then, yes, he is the greatest. (…) But the last time I checked, that wasn’t the case. »

Mic drop.

2023-09-28 09:37:00
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