Spain Awaits Invitation: Will they secure their spot in the Davis Cup Group Stage?

Vladimir and Estragon were waiting for Godot in Beckett’s work and Spain is waiting for an invitation so as not to have to get their ticket to the group stage of the Davis Cup in 2024 in a previous qualifying round, this year’s stage being consummated yesterday with a restorative victory but inconsequential against Korea on the back of Davidovich (double 6-4 against Kwon in 1h19) and Zapata (6-4 and 7-5 against Hong in 1h40), with defeat in doubles by Granollers-Ramos (6-7 (2), 7 -6 (6) and 10-8 in the super tie-break).

The compendium of discomforts that not receiving it would bring is important. In terms of sports, the wild card would avoid that commitment, with a bad location on the calendar, just the weekend after the Australian Open, at the beginning of February. And in the non-sporting area, it would guarantee an essential presence for Valencia to repeat as host of this phase next year, given that the organization’s idea has always been for it to be played in participating countries. The agreement with the Valencian authorities, with the collaboration of the great patron of local sports, Juan Roig, was for five years, but if it expires in the absence of the Navy, the intention is to continue choosing to replace Malaga as the venue for the phase. final when the Roig Arena is finished, an ultra-modern multipurpose arena that is being built next to the Fonteta and will be able to accommodate more than 15,000 spectators.

The invitation or not of Spain, which meets all the requirements of the ITF and Tennium, the company that replaced Kosmos as a partner of the International Federation in this tournament (and of which the former French tennis player Sebastien Grosjean is co-founder, something that can give wings in this matter to a France also eliminated), will be announced during the final phase in Malaga (from November 21 to 26). Also the rival from the previous phase, in case they have to play it.

In that draw, Spain would be in the good pot and would meet one of the winners of the World Group matches that have also been played this week, but would not be guaranteed home status.

Whatever happens, what this week has made clear is that Spain needs a step forward from its middle class that relieves the previous generation of responsibilities, with Bautista, Carreño and Ramos already well into their thirties.

In that aspect, the triumphs of Davidovich and Alcaraz are good news. The first, who had to take the baton of command of the National Team with the loss of Alcaraz, broke a streak of four defeats and opened his record of victories. “It’s incredible to win my first match at Davis. I have seen many Spaniards do it and I have always wondered what they felt. Today I noticed all the pressure you have when you play for your country. I feel like I was born for this. “I adore him,” the man from Malaga said with relief. “It is one of the best victories in my career. I have removed a thorn,” said Zapata, who noticed the nerves of his home debut against the Czech Republic. As that famous American recruiting poster said, your country needs you.

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