Shooting, World Cup Rio 2023: Ceccarello fifth in 3 positions. The winner is the Norwegian Duestad

The last stage of the 2023 Shooting World Cup is officially over, with the rifle competition 3 positions for women from 50m. Here’s how things went on the Rio de Janeiro range, venue of the event and in the past the scene of the 2016 Olympic competitions.

The winner of the contest was the very solid Norwegian Jeanette Hegg Duestad which, with the score final score of 461.5 points, she won the competition at the end of a very precise path, especially in the floor phase and in the first “standing” part.

Behind him, completing the podium, was the very young Indian Nischala Nischal (2004), second at 458.0, on her first podium in CdM, from the Danish Stephanie Laura Scurrah Grundosoee, third having put together 447.6 points; also on her first World Cup podium in an Olympic specialty.

Fifth instead was the Italian Sofia Ceccarello (425.1) who, after having obtained qualification for the final with the sixth score (589/600), remained in the central part of the ranking for almost the entire final act, never managing to find the spark to climb to the top 3, although this still remains an encouraging result for the future.

Barbara Gambaro and Martina Ziviani, the other two Italian representatives in the race respectively finished in 13th (586/600) and 29th place (582/600).

The 2023 World Cup ends here. The last appointment will be scheduled for November: from the 18th to the 26th, with the World Cup Finals to conclude the season.

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