Sergio Ibanez Wins Silver Medal at Baku Judo Grand Prix

Good news for Spain from Baku, and that is that Sergio Ibanez has won the silver medal in the Judo Grand Prix celebrated in the city of Azerbaijan. After a marathon day of fighting on the tatami of the National Gymnastics Arena, the Aragonese judoka has achieved the metal. From the Spanish Paralympic Committee They have pointed out that Ibáñez showed great confidence in the championship. His tournament in the -73 kg category has been exceptional.

In the first round he beat the Frenchman Guenerie by Ippon. Later, in the round of 16, he achieved victory against the Georgian Giorgi Kaldaniwhile in the quarterfinals he did the same with the Korean Kim Dong-Hoon, by wazari. In the semifinals he had a tough fight against the local judoka, Namig Abasli. With two and a half minutes left he was stopped by a kick to the Spanish judoka’s right knee, for which he had to be treated on the tatami by the medical services.

Although the Spanish delegation protested, the fight continued with the Aragonese visibly in pain and limping. His determination and desire to defeat his executioner in the last European tournament made Ibáñez win the match by three shots from his rival.

However, he could not compete in the final due to pain in his right knee, which he sprained a couple of weeks ago. This way Sergio Ibanez He won silver, with gold going to the current Paralympic and world champion, the Uzbek Feruz Sayidov.


For her part, the judoka from Valladolid Martha Arce, was on the verge of winning the bronze medal in the -57 kilos J2 category. She began the Baku Grand Prix by beating Cuban Dainelis Calunga by ippon, but in the next round she fell to Turkey’s Celik.

Sergio Ibáñez wins the silver medal at the Baku Judo Grand Prix

In the repechage, Arce She once again demonstrated her form by beating the Brazilian by ippon Lucia Araujo. In the fight for the bronze medal, the Spaniard had a great chance of winning the medal, but she ended up being defeated by the Kazakh Dayana Fedossova by wazari.

With these results, both Sergio Ibanez as Martha Arce get a good haul of points for the classification for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

The young judoka from Madrid María Manzanero came in seventh place after winning her first fight against the Australian Maysa Abouzeuidthen fell to the favorite Yesilyurt frozeand she couldn’t beat the Hungarian either Flora Buranyi not even in the repechage.


He judo It is one of the sports with the least modifications for blind people and it is only necessary that the fights begin with the two athletes holding each other. If they let go, the referee stops so that they can catch each other again.

Currently, there are two competition categories, J1 (blind) and J2 (visually impaired) with minimal modifications between them such as assisted access to the tatami or regarding the clothing code.

With this new regulation, approved after the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic GamesJ1 and J2 judokas do not compete against each other unless there are not enough participants, so under mutual agreement, they can do so.

There are also some other modifications related to the way referees transmit signals to athletes, since they will not be able to do it by gestures, as is usually done. Furthermore, in this sport there is a high participation of people with deafblindness, so the way of giving them warnings is also adapted to touch and included in the regulations.

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