San Pablo Burgos Crowned Champion in X ‘Ciudad de Getafe’ Tournament

San Pablo Burgos was proclaimed champion in its participation in the X ‘Ciudad de Getafe’ Tournament, after beating Baloncesto Fuenlabrada, in its second victory of the weekend. Lolo Encinas’ team completed a huge first half in which they stood out for their good external performance and team play. In the third period, the people from Fuenlabrada tried to hold on to the fight for the clash, but the people from Burgos resisted and managed to seal the final victory.

The Burgos team soon dominated the match in Getafe, with a great external performance led by Álex Barrera and Miha Lapornik (13-3). Siim Sander-Vene joined the triple festival, with two consecutive shots from the goal that put San Pablo Burgos’ maximum advantage at 12 points (19-7).

Baloncesto Fuenlabrada was trying to get back on track, leading the scoreboard by 0-8 (19-15), but the good actions of Millán Jiménez and Prince Ali stretched the lead again at the end of the first quarter (25-15).

Those from Encinas handled themselves with ease on the Getafense court, where Moto and Jiménez’s triples kept the distance (38-27). Toni Ten’s team tried to get closer from the free throw, but the good game management of the Burgos players, with Barrera and Corbalán scoring, stretched the local advantage (47-31). Joey van Zegeren and Tanner McGrew continued to assume the Fuenlabrada options, which were moving away thanks to the points of Luke Fischer, in some phenomenal minutes of game direction by Micah Speight. With this, the Coliseum team established a new maximum of 19 points at halftime (53-34).

Kasibabu and Jiménez opened the lead to 23 points on their return to the court (57-34), but Baloncesto Fuenlabrada wanted to get back into the game. Those who were visitors won a partial of 0-14 that Mateo Díaz culminated and that brought both teams closer (57-48). The contribution of the Argentine point guard became key for the Madrid team, which cut the Burgos advantage (63-58). Fischer’s final free throws gave the Burgos team air at the end of the third quarter (68-60).

The local team managed to contain the Fuenlabrada push of the previous period and regained a good advantage over the electronic team with Prince Ali (78-65). Mateo Díaz looked for actions that would give his team a return (82-73), but Kasibabu and Jiménez opened the gap again (89-77). With a minute and a half remaining, San Pablo Burgos was able to certify its victory against Baloncesto Fuenlabrada to become champion of the X ‘Ciudad de Getafe’ Tournament (93-79).

San Pablo Burgos (93): Gonzalo Corbalán (7), Miha Lapornik (3), Álex Barrera (14), Siim-Sander Vene (14) and Jonathan Kasibabu (8) – starting five – Micah Speight (2), Prince Ali (12), Millán Jiménez (16), Adala Moto (6), Ignacio Rosa (-), Luke Fischer (11).

Fuenlabrada Basketball (79): Matthew Diaz (20), Tanner McGrew (9), Petar Aranitovic (11), Rodijs Macoha (8) and Joey van Zegeren (11) – starting five – Rodrigo Diaz (-), Jorge Bilbao (3). ), Ehigiator Bears (3), John Manuel Cowboy (-), Victor Brown (3), Blaz Mesicek (11).

Quarters: 25-15; 28-19; 15-26; 25-19.

The Burgos team will play its last preseason match against Melilla Ciudad del Deporte, on Friday, September 29, from 8:30 p.m., at the Coliseum.

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