Sagitta Arcieri Pesaro Shines at Italian 3D Championships with Unprecedented Wins

If it is true that there is a first time for everything, Sagitta Arcieri Pesaro never tires of having them and collects another one at the Italian 3D Championships. After the women’s team title in 2022, something that has never happened before, the red and white company wins the tricolor in the Instinctive Bow mixed team, in which an archer and a female archer from the same company compete in pairs, with the identical type of bow. To this success, in the mountains of Polino (Terni), the red and white athletes then added another gold and two silvers. After the qualifying race, Sagitta Pesaro had placed 10 athletes out of 19 among those qualified for the direct clashes to determine the various finalists. Thanks to a third place among the women and a seventh among the men, Michela Donati and Luciano Contorni brought the instinctive Arco mixed team among the best four, then challenging and beating the AGA and the Arcieri della Stella Alpina for the tricolor, Friday. Donati was also the protagonist on Saturday, when Sagitta climbed the women’s team podium for the third year in a row, with the third different formation: together with her, in addition to the ever-present Maddalena Marcaccini with the Compound, there was Maria Cristina Giorgetti, with the Longbow. Qualifying as second, the three eliminated the Hunter Archery Team and the Arcieri dell’Airone, stopping only in a very tight final against the Arcieri Tigullio. On Sunday, two individual medals arrived. Four years after the first time, but when he wore another shirt, Giorgetti won in the Longbow, bringing back to Sagitta Pesaro a title that had been missing since 2015. Only one point, in the final, prevented Donati from taking back the tricolor in the Instinctive Arch, but the red and white archer still completed an exceptional three days with silver, in a category in which Loredana Amantini also achieved fifth place. “It was a fantastic season – comments president Elena Forte –. I was in Polino in various capacities: federal councilor, coach and Sagitta fan and it was an edition that to define as unexpected would be an understatement, because our athletes are strong and prepared , but in which winning four medals was not a given, also because there were almost all the Italians who will participate in the European Championships at the end of the month. Maria Cristina’s gold is sacrosanct, for the work she did to get back to the top, with stubbornness and determination, while the mixed team displaced the competition: Donati and Contorni are very strong, but Luciano only arrived with us at the beginning of the month, however the team was created immediately. Perhaps it was the most unexpected medal, even if we we hoped. For me the two silvers are worth as much as the golds, Michela shot at very high levels and the team was fantastic, making an almost unbeatable club like Tigullio suffer on paper. I congratulate everyone, medalists and not: we are worthy of little on the national scene, but already admired as a true team, made up of friends, correct and feared. I thank the archers for everything they do for society.”

Nicholas Petricca

2023-09-16 04:15:21
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