Rudy Gobert’s Mission to Prove Himself with the Timberwolves: President’s Honest Assessment

Next year, Rudy Gobert will have the mission to finally show his true colors with the Timberwolves. After a rather disappointing first exercise, the French pivot will arrive with the knife between its teeth and its president has recently been ultra-cash concerning him.

For Rudy Gobert, no more room for error. Last season, the French pivot had to acclimatize to his new environment in Minnesota and did not really succeed. The excuse of the adaptation period no longer seems valid and he will absolutely have to once again become the Gobzilla DPOY version of Jazz. After his failed World Cup, we suspect that there is no lack of appetite.

The recent failure with the French team has probably caused great frustration in Rudy which will push him to want revenge on everyone he meets in the coming months. Given the ambitions that the Timberwolves have, this can only be good news since the native of Saint-Quentin is still one of the major figures in the project led by the leaders of the franchise…

The president of the Wolves honest about Rudy Gobert!

Beyond the collective objectives of the Wolves, Rudy Gobert will probably be keen to silence his detractors definitively next season. Often tackled by Shaquille O’Neal, he will finally be able to prove that he deserves all the consideration he received for many years in the NBA. Interviewed by Jon Krawczynski for The Athleticfranchise boss Tim Connelly spoke frankly about it:

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I think that sometimes we don’t realize how much of an impact a big move can have on a player, even more so when it’s the first of his career. By NBA standards, I think Rudy was very good last season. On the other hand, I don’t think he was at the level of his people, and he will tell you that himself. But no one works harder than Rudy, he pays attention to all the details and he can’t wait to have a better season both on and off the court.

The main issue in Gobert’s season No. 2 in Minneapolis will once again be his association with Karl-Anthony Towns. If the first months have not revealed an incredible complementarity between the two big men, their duo remains as promising as ever and could well do great damage if the chemistry is found. Connelly returned to this tandem and seems rather optimistic for the future:

We don’t really have a lot of videos, but we have enough to understand where we went wrong and where we were right with this duo. This will allow us to determine what things will work and I think for the collective, knowing all the factors will make things much easier.

Be careful, the pack seems hungry… After a checkered last season, the Wolves arrive with a limitless appetite and could well play spoilsport in the Western Conference. Rudy Gobert will once again have a decisive role to play in the process.

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