Reyer Venice Dominates UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia: Final Score 94-79

The news for coach Priest And Momo Faye in the top five, together with the confirmed ones Weber, Galloway, Vitali e Hervey. Start made of partials: 8-0 Reyer which responds with an 8-0 UNAHOTELS. However, Reggio pays for a few too many turnovers and at the end of the first quarter it is 20-12 for the lagoon players. A gap that remains unchanged even in the second half, where Priftis’ team continues to argue with shooting percentages and offensive fluidity, alternating good passes with some errors in defense, which thus allow Reyer to finish ahead 40-32 in the second half. interval.

The third quarter begins with a bit of nervousness between Weavers e Gallowayboth punished with a unsportsmanlike foul. Reggio, however, continues to struggle in attack and the Reyer flies with the bombs of Tucker and Casarin to the maximum advantage at 59-44. We go to the last interval at 55-69, with Reyer reaching +20.

In the final the red and whites reduce the gap with the baskets of the two ex Vitali and Chillo, with the match ending at 94-79.


(20-12; 40-32; 69-55)

VENEZIA: Tessitori 10, Spissu 10, Brown 11, O’Connell 8, Iannuzzi, Casarin 8, Tucker 14, Janelidze ne, De Nicolao ne, Simms 7, Parks 16, Brooks 10. Coach: Spahija.

UNAHOTELS: Weber 11, Cipolla, Hervey 10, Galloway 13, Faye 5, Smith 12, Uglietti ne, Atkins 4, Vitali 15, Grant 2, Chillo 7. Coach: Priftis.

Referees: De Rico, Dian and Zanelli.

2023-09-24 09:30:31
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