Repower Sanga Milano Makes Triumphant Return to Serie A1 Women’s Basketball Championship

Repower Sanga Milano was presented at Palazzo Marino and will make its debut in the Serie A1 women’s basketball championship on Saturday 30 September. A historic moment for the Orange club and for Ambrosian women’s sport which had not participated in the top flight of women’s basketball for 31 years. A goal achieved with full merit last season and culminated in the victory of the final promotion which saw the Milanese team fill the Allianz Cloud, demonstrating the great desire for women’s basketball that can be felt in Milan. The event, moderated by the journalist Sandro Pugliese, saw the intervention of the Sports Councilor Martina Riva as well as a video message greeting from the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala.

“Thanks to the girls of Sanga Basket, after 30 years, today Milan returns to compete in the A1 women’s basketball series – commented councilor Riva -. A more than deserved success for the commitment, dedication and tenacity demonstrated on the pitch which we are sure will lead more and more young people to practice basketball. We are happy to have accompanied Franz Pinotti’s team in this exciting climb towards the top flight, also opening the doors of the Allianz Cloud for game 1 of the play off final. And we are sincerely proud of the result and of the great work that the Orange world carries out for the young people of Milan in terms of promoting sport and social inclusion”.

Franz Pinotti, founder of the Sanga world and coach of the team, illustrated the challenges of the next season and presented the roster and staff of the first team. The interventions of Luca Chiabotti, journalist from La Repubblica and expert in the world of segments, both competitive and social, and Giorgio Maggi, president of the FIP Lombardy Regional Committee, also contributed to describing the sporting and social role of Sanga. Educators Claudia D’Addio and Davide Motta virtually covered some of the many social projects both in the School and with Baskin. Representatives of Sanga’s companies and partners for the next season also spoke: Repower, title sponsor of the first team, and the main sponsors Scalo Milano Outlet & More, Il Ponte Casa D’Aste, Dils and Veralab.

Franz Pinotti, founder of the Sanga world and coach of Repower Sanga Milano, declared: “Having earned the highest national category on the field, we have a great responsibility: to promote women’s basketball among girls and boys as a sport of excellence that is important for growth also as a person. Team and contact sports have characteristics that are well suited to promoting real gender equality, which starts from respect to form the character that develops when you want to emerge by proposing your own ideas. Basketball, with its interpretations of the game, is a great path in which to develop logical and ‘cognitive choice’ skills, also tested with Resilience, a characteristic often absent in today’s very young people. Together with the school, all of us in the sporting world have a relational universe in which to operate.”

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