Reduction of flights in AICM will reduce Mexico’s competitiveness: US business sector – El Sol de México

The reduction of spaces or “slots” at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) makes the country less competitive and represents an obstacle to investment, warned Larry Rubin, president of the American Society of Mexico (AmSoc) on Tuesday.

“Not only does Mexico City take away competitiveness, not only does it take away the possibility for more tourists to come to the country, but it takes away and puts an obstacle to investment,” he said after inaugurating the second binational convention of the organization under the title “Nearshoring: moving forward together”.

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Rubin referred to the new measure of the Federal government, which announced last week that as of October the maximum number of operations at the AICM will be reduced from 52 to 43 per hour to strengthen the Felipe Ángeles International Airport (AIFA), the flagship of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the State of Mexico.

The president of AmSoc, which represents the US private sector, said that Mexico City is “without a doubt” one of the main investment poles and insisted that “reducing the number of ‘slots’ is not a good idea.”

Likewise, Rubin mentioned that controversies unleashed by the Mexican energy policy or that of transgenic corn with the partners of the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) also represent “unnecessary obstacles”, which “only waste time and money to all”.

Regarding energy, he indicated that the concern that must be addressed is to guarantee sufficient electricity, with a sustainable approach that companies and the environment demand today.

Rubin also stressed that insecurity must be addressed, as he stated that private capital in the US is not only “concerned with asset security, but also with the integrity of each of its collaborators.”

He also addressed the rule of law that must prevail in the country, arguing that investments increase in an environment where there is predictability and government decisions are made based on long-term economic benefit.

“Effective governance is not only a matter of appropriate policies, but also of the transparency with which it is applied,” he said.

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The president of Amsoc said that Mexico can be a nerve center for the world economy, so that the candidates for the 2024 elections must understand that there can be no talk of well-being if the door to investment is closed.

He also pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the relationship with the T-MEC partners, to take advantage of the unique window to realign productive and service capacities strategically for Mexico and the North American region.

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