Redclay Under23 Team Wins Piedmont Cup Debut in Castellamonte

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CASTELLAMONTE – Winning debut in the Piedmont Cup on the Diamante of Castellamonte for the under23 Redclay team, coached by manager Gerardo Hernandez Martinez and coach Patrizio Vicari. The Canavesan red and purple boys won 1 to 0 in the seventh and final attack with the point scored by Cristian Costa following a Squis Play play by teammate Alessandro Filippi.

A super balanced match was played between Redclay and Sjatch Boves with the first six innings all ending with 0 points scored, thanks to the two defenses and their respective pitchers as well as the less than exciting attacking performances. Of note for the Redclays was the excellent performance of starting pitcher Nicholas Gaido (5 innings, zero runs conceded) and reliever Patrick Scarabello (2 innings and zero runs conceded).

On Saturday morning the under 12 team of the Redclay Foxes Canavese Academy narrowly lost the two matches played in Turin against the Grizzlies: 12 to 9 the first and 10 to 8 the second, demonstrating ample room for growth and desire to have fun. Also on Saturday 16th, in the afternoon, the tournament dedicated to Minibaseball took place on the Settimo Torinese field which saw the participation of the Castellamontese team of the Canavese Academy, the result of the collaboration between Redclay and Kings: the little champions had fun together with the other young promises Piedmontese.

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