Real Madrid’s Fragility Exposed in Derby Loss to Atlético: A Wake-Up Call for the White Team

Real Madrid’s Fragility Exposed in Derby Loss to Atlético: A Wake-Up Call for the White Team

“We have plenty of reasons”with this forceful message received the stands of the Cívitas Metropolitanowho signed a historic entry (69,082 spectators), al Real Madrid before leaving the locker room tunnel to play the first derby of the season. A banner that alludes to the fact that the red and whites have plenty of reasons to be part of the Atlético de Madrid. And the lyrics of the song Joaquin Sabina It also serves to understand in the best possible way the situation that the white team is going through after their first defeat. “This hopeless waiting room” could refer to the cage in which the idea of ​​the game of Carlo Ancelottiwhich remains trapped in endless possibilities while trying to find the key.

“Today we did not do well, but not because of the drawing, which is not going to change. It is a defeat that can be an opportunity to do things better in the future.“, confessed the Italian coach at a press conference. Joselu’s departure from the eleven did not change the game system… but it forced Jude Bellingham to fulfill a function in which he does not feel comfortable. The same thing happens when he occupies the position of 10. Furthermore, the anti-Jude plan proposed by Simeone’s men They ended up exasperating the English midfielder, who showed his frustration with a harsh tackle on Correa. Because the 5 had disguised the reality of Real Madrid and the Metropolitano did not hesitate to set the alarm to wake the white team from their sleep.

Madrid’s defensive fragility

The three goals have been a photocopya break to open the center backs and we were not well positioned. We have not been compact in any of the three goals“Carlo summed up about a problem that has been plaguing Real Madrid since the start of the season. The lack of a leader in the white defense after Militao’s serious injury It has left orphaned a defensive framework that cannot close the door (4 of 7 games conceding the first goal).

Simeone’s men repeated the formula three times to score three goals that ended up sinking the white team. I play on the wing, an uncheck to get the player out of his zone. Rüdiger (the plays started on the right wing) and Alaba, whose aerial game has never been his strong suit, was highlighted in the goals of Morata and Griezmann. And as always happens with the unwritten law of whoever raises his hand when offside is the one who breaks it… The one who usually complains after a goal is usually the same player who made the mistake.. His brutal anger at 3-1 is beyond all logic when the repetition reveals him. He loses his mark completely and Morata ends up finishing without opposition. In the first goal of the match, Alaba went down to break the offside, Morata caught his back and Lino’s precise ball finished the job. A feeling of fragility that worries the Italian coach, who feels that with very little the rival gets a lot of profit from attacking plays. The work of Madrid’s full-backs did not help stop the bleeding either..

What if this isn’t the best place in Bellingham?

Jude Bellingham is a very special player. Technically, it’s a delight; physically, a marvel; Defensively, he covers a lot of ground; and offensively, he has arrival and a lot of goals. A start to the season that has lifted the Englishman up the scoring table without being a striker… and since he is a total midfielder, The 5 is capable of doing many things and all of them well..

His 186cm height and impressive stride allow the English footballer to perform the box-to-box function that is so fashionable in world football.. His presence in both areas is one of his strong points… which helps him be a very versatile footballer. Within his great football range, Jude can occupy several positions on the pitch thanks to his great tactical intelligence. However, one of Jude’s best qualities is surprise, appearing strongly when no one expects it. It is better for Jude to appear from behind… than to be in the thick of the play. He enjoys the playmaker position, but he doesn’t move comfortably because the sections of the playing field dedicated to these footballers are usually very small. Numbered tiles in which they have to function…when what makes English strong is appearing out of nowhere to wipe out everything.

Against Atlético, Jude fell again and again into the plan designed by Simeone. Uncomfortable since the start of the game, The position he had to occupy in the Metropolitano did not allow him to display all his football. And the three red-and-white centre-backs were always attentive to jump quickly to the Englishman to steal his air. Overwhelmed, Jude delayed his position to make contact with the ball… but he never found his way. So the question is obligatory: What if you have to continue looking for the right place for Bellingham?.

Simeone’s reading

“We played the game that the fans needed to see”, confessed the Argentine after the victory in the derby. However, beyond the performance of its players, Atlético played the game they needed to play. The red and white coach’s reading was simply brilliant: Rarely has so much been achieved… with so ‘little’. A resounding victory that does not allow the rival to speak of a bathroom, but of a landslide of successes. This is how the exhibition of Simeone’s men could be summarized in the Cívitas Metropolitano.

Simeone: “This is the Morata we need”

Defensive intensity, team very close and helpful when defending… and with very clear ideas in attack. The objective was to do damage through wings that tried to provide depth at a minimum and with lateral centers to try to bombard the rival area. “We played a very good game. Interpreted by me this way, in the first half we came in strong. We knew that we could do damage from the sides, and we tried to look for lateral centers like in Lino and Saúl’s play“explained the Argentine coach. Furthermore, the goals scored were like burning nails in the rival’s chest, vital moments that ended up sinking Real Madrid. The 3-1 score came after a final first half in which they were forced to stop the bus due to the white attacks. They jumped onto the pitch after the break with the idea of ​​changing that dynamic and the result is well known to everyone: “We talked that if we go back like with 2-1, they are very dangerous. If we played the same we were going to lose the game. We interpret that the game was about attacking. We distance the team. “We live in that space.”

A Madrid without ideas

Harmless possession of the ball by Ancelotti’s team. Real Madrid took control of the ball in the first half (63%), launched ten shots on Oblak’s goal and tried to surprise the rival with complicated passes behind the red and white defense. A desperate idea… failing to break Simeone’s defensewho showed excellent efficiency above (two goals with two shots on goal).

The first 45 minutes offered rushed moments after a red-and-white start that had taken away a Madrid that was dismasted at the back and without resources in attack. After closing ranks,The white team only had to try their luck with shots that were too far away.which did not even finish tickling Oblak. Only a genius from Toni Kroos gave wings to a Real Madrid which urgently needs a reorganization.

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