Ravensburg Leprechauns Celebrate 10 Years of Baseball with Fun-Filled Tournament

Who gets on base? Who scores a point for their team? Who will hit the balls the furthest? That’s what the Ravensburg gymnastics and sports club was all about last weekend. The goal: show visitors what baseball is all about – and have a lot of fun.

The baseball department ‘Ravensburg Leprechauns’ celebrated 10 years of membership with a tournament on the artificial turf pitch of the TSB Ravensburg. “We all contributed together to make baseball an event. It was an exciting weekend for our guests and also for the invited teams,” said board member Cindy Stumpe.

Insights into the dynamic sport

The approximately 200 spectators on the sidelines and in the stands got an impression of what baseball is all about through a few short, dynamic games on both days of the festival: the team at bat tries to score points by hitting balls that are hard to catch. Opponents try to prevent this by catching batted balls out of the air or by tagging/touching the batter with the ball on the way to the next base.

Around 30 guest players traveled to take part in the ‘Leprechauns’ tournament. They came from Steinheim, a district of Memmingen, Gundelfingen on the Danube, Freiberg on the Neckar and Heubach in the Ostalbkreis.

Exciting games for tournament victory

The ‘Leprechauns’ managed to prevail against their guests on the first day of the tournament and moved into the final as the best of the day, followed by the ‘Red Phantoms’ from Steinheim.

The second day of the tournament opened with a home run derby. The best batsmen showed their skills and hit a number of balls beyond the game limit. Their opponents stood there trying to catch the balls. Daniel Ameel caught most of the balls and was then crowned derby winner on a red fabric carpet – complete with a red cap and a shiny crown.

Fun came first

A few funny scenes showed that fun was the main focus of this tournament: a player from the ‘Leprechauns’ competed in the Home Run Derby with a straw hat instead of a helmet, a player showed up to the final game in a pink tutu and a player in a leprechaun hat spontaneously brought one to his fellow player Ice on the field.

The Ravensburgers had little success in sport: in the final game they lost to their opponents from Steinheim 3:9.

(Press release: Ravensburg Leprechauns)

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