Rasta Vechta: Fighting to Stay in the League as Promoted Team in the Bundesliga

Rasta Vechta’s goal is clear: to stay in the league as a promoted team in the first league. The Kleistadt club (34,000 inhabitants) is planning nothing else.

The advantage is that Vechta already knows the upper house. Promotion to the Bundesliga was achieved for the fourth time.

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However, the club was never able to stay in the league in the long term. Things should change now – they want to stay in the BBL with all their might. In order for this to work, the newcomer relies on continuity.

A total of five promotion heroes are still there. Among others, the German winger Joel Aminu (26), who was Vechta’s best points collector last season.

“HALLElujah” from September 17th, 2023 Basketball world champion Isaac Bonga in an exclusive interview

Source: BILD September 17, 2023

The new game designer is Tommy Kuhse (26). The American played for Ludwigsburg last season – he is supposed to lead the team.

The royal transfer, however, has never played in Europe. Wes Iwundu (28) has a lot of NBA experience. He played over 230 games in the best league in the world – including appearances for Orlando, Dallas and Atlanta. For the American he was only a role player, in Vechta he should be the star.

The newcomer is definitely a force to be reckoned with this season. Vechta already proved this in the cup against the Rostock Seawolves. In their own hall, Lower Saxony won 84:76. A dream start to the new season!

Coach Ty Harrelson proudly said after the game: “The hall was immediately full and it was fun to play here again in front of our fans. The team invested a lot last year to be in the cup. Now it was a nice home win at the start of our new journey.”

Rostock coach Christian Held was also impressed by the BBL newcomer: “We never had control of the game and couldn’t build a rhythm. Vechta played good defense, we had more ball losses than assists.”

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