Ramirez after Sporting’s draw in Andorra: “We lacked continuity in the transitions”

Miguel Ángel Ramírez admitted after Sporting de Gijón’s draw (0-0) against Andorra that the Gijón team “lacked some continuity in the transitions.”

These were his statements at the end of the game:

Match analysis

We lacked some continuity when we recovered to be able to put together more passes that would give us more control. We recovered and lost quickly. We lacked more continuity in the transitions. We were recovering very quickly, but we lacked offensive continuity.

Why did you leave important players as substitutes?

I said it in the preview: the importance of the five changes in today’s football. And know the discounts and that the games last more than one hundred minutes. You have to approach the game that way, knowing that there are people on the bench who can win the game or raise the level.

Andorran style

We knew what we weren’t going to find… How they play and who they weren’t going to propose. They were clear about defensive operation. We had some mismatches, but we corrected them well. They made it impossible for us (Andorra) to have a sequence of passes that would allow us to have control

Substitution of Hassan

I was counting on this scenario of being more solid and disciplined. Hassan has certain duties in defense. Starting the game would be more complicated. But with development, it could have more impact…

2023-09-23 14:27:45
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