Professional League Considers new Day and Time for Argentinian Soccer Superclassic


After knowing the Copa Libertadores match schedule and the suggestion of the Electoral Chamber, the Professional League analyzes a new day and time for the superclassic on date 7.

© Getty ImagesEl Más Grande will visit Xeneize on date 7 of the Professional League Cup.

The Argentine soccer superclassic began to be played several weeks before. The thing is Jorge Almirón, coach of the eternal rival, raised at a press conference the idea of ​​”accommodating” the derby on date 7 of the Professional League Cup because his team would have to play the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores that week. A request that goes against the provisions of the League regulations.

Beyond Almirón’s request, the preview of the superclassic began to warm up with the intervention of two new actors. On the one hand, The Electoral Chamber asked the Professional League that the superclassic not be played on Sunday, October 1, because that day there will be a debate between the candidates for president with a view to the next elections. On the other hand, Conmebol confirmed the dates of the semifinals and scheduled the first leg against Palmeiras for Thursday, September 28.

In this way, the Argentine soccer superclassic could no longer be played on Saturday, September 30, at the request of the Electoral Chamber, to comply with the 48 hours of rest stipulated in the regulations of the Argentine tournament. Nor could it be disputed on Sunday afternoon, because it would overlap with the electoral debate. And then?

As reported by Double Yellow, the Argentine Football Association decided to keep the original date: Sunday, October 1. Schedule? Most likely it will be played at 2:00 p.m., that is, 7 hours before the debate that will take place in Santiago del Estero and 62 hours after the first leg of the Copa Libertadores semifinal. An unprecedented schedule for the most important game of the semester.

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