Portu: “My body demands the most when I put on the Girona shirt”

Port he could not have started his second stage at Girona better. A goal from the midfielder from Murcia in the 88th minute gave victory against Las Palmas (1-0), which allowed the team to add 10 points out of a possible 12 and stand at the end of the League as second-placed. After a rather frustrating season at Getafe, the player had recovered his smile and success in front of goal. He has not yet been presented as a new red-and-white signing, but Portu has shared his first impressions in an interview with the club’s media.


“When they told me that there was the possibility of returning to Girona, I said of course. I already wanted to come here. During these years, I have always had the idea of ​​returning no matter what and reliving the love that I had so much they had given before. I wanted to go back to Montilivi.”


“It’s been an incredible few days, I still haven’t had time to assimilate everything. I’m super happy. For the reception of my teammates, the group there, the coaching staff and workers I already knew and, above all, the fans. They welcomed me with open arms and the love I needed.”


“At Girona it was my debut in the First Division and also promotion with a very nice year in the Second Division. I had the thorn of relegation in a season of ups and downs. Thanks to the fact that I left I was able to experience many moments, especially at Real, who made me learn and live a different way of life. Girona is a very special club, of 10. Every time I put on the shirt I feel super proud and my body asks me to give my best” .

Porto’s love story (1-0)


“I had thought on many occasions what my return would be like. I would never have imagined it like this. Returning. Making my debut. Receiving this love from the first moment… Also of course scoring the goal and helping the team to get the three points . It was super special both for me and for my family, who feel Girona as their home. Now I have two little creatures and I want them to grasp the values ​​of what a club like Girona means, which is familiar, transparent and gives us affection . A lot of things went through my mind when I scored. I was emotional after the game and I’m still processing it.”

Girona had never reached ten points so quickly


“It has served me to gain a lot of experience. I have experienced all kinds of situations in these last four years. From being able to play a Cup final and winning it, to playing European matches and living with the pressure of being at the top having to always win. Real is a club that demands the maximum. I have also experienced the other side of football with Getafe, fighting until the last day for salvation. I arrive at Girona with many situations in my backpack . I can do my bit. There are a lot of young people, who are just starting out and have a lot of potential. I want to help them.”

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