Playoff Hopes for Miami Marlins Hang in the Balance as MLB 2023 Season Nears its End

Another important day culminated in the final stretch of the 2023 season of Major League Baseballin question, the possibilities and positions towards the playoffs There are fewer and fewer and the games tend to be a time trial factor.

In particular, the set of Miami Marlinsis still in contention for a wild card spot in the National LeagueTo do this, you must take on several challenges from this moment on. On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, on Citi Field A doubleheader was held between Miami Marlins y New York Metsin a couple of matches the aspirations of the aquatics had even more value.

Miami Marlins failed in the first match against NY Mets

On Wednesday night, the teamwork was evident, the novena he leads Skip Schumaker He looked better on the field.

The Dominican pitcher Johnny Cueto he climbed the mound for Miami Marlins, his mission was to keep the opposing bats at zero. He worked for four and two-thirds innings, although he did not complete the task to achieve the victory, only allowing two runs. The big leagues, Jon Berti y Jesus Sanchezthey made themselves felt with the wood and in a timely manner contributed to their team’s offensive cause.

Then he fell 27 out in the Big Apple, with a final result of four for two, Miami Marlins he took it out on New York Mets.

This combination of results leads us to a tie between Cubs y Marlinsin last place in the Wild Card in the National League.

Miami plays over .500 heading into the end of MLB 2023

With a record of 82 wins and 76 losses, Chicago y Miami will have one of the most relevant disputes in the last campaign of Big leagues.

Both teams have four games remaining on the calendar. Miami Marlins will face New York Mets on Thursday, and will close the harvest as visitors, against Pittsburgh Piratesnothing is defined and the aquatic novena has ample opportunities to get a pass to the month of October.

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