Players, CSD and RFEF will sign the ‘Oliva papers’ on October 10

The Higher Sports Council (CSD), the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the players of the Spanish football team, who have delegated to the FUTPRO union, held a meeting this Wednesday to advance the tripartite agreement reached by the last week in Oliva (Valencia).

Resume the ‘Oliva papers’

The meeting is part of “the formation of the Joint Monitoring Commission to promote women’s football.” That was the commitment reached in Oliva, which will be formally ratified with a General Action Protocol that will be signed in the coming days. The meeting served “to strengthen the bases of the agreement, guaranteeing cooperation and collaboration to promote women’s football through dialogue with the players of the senior national team.”

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The CSD’s president, Víctor Francos, participated in the meeting; the general director of Deportes, Fernando Molinero; the director of the Presidential Cabinet, Juan Fernández Carnicer; and the advisor to the Presidential Cabinet, Nerea Huete. On behalf of the RFEF, the director of the Presidential Cabinet, Elvira Andrés, attended; and the Director of Competitions, Alfredo Olivares. The lawyers Reyes Bellver and José David Martínez, for their part, have been the people designated by the players for this first meeting. While the FUTPRO union has appeared on behalf of the footballers.

At the conclusion of the same, Francos confirmed that “at the meeting we agreed that this first document, which the CSD has prepared as an action protocol for the constitution of a Joint Commission, will now be read by both parties, so that they can send us We are going to send you, as we receive those notes, a document trying to collect those possible small changes that have come out of the meeting. “We have agreed that, if there are no problems or unforeseen events on the agenda, the document will be signed on October 9 or 10.”

The players of the Spanish team, Alexia Putellas and Misa Rodríguez. EFE

Changes noted by the soccer players

The president of the CSD described the meeting as “very positive. The truth is that we have developed point by point all the things that had been agreed in Oliva.” Francos confirmed that “the document itself already includes the changes in the different levels of the RFEF in which they considered they were required. Some of them have already occurred, that is, it is no secret. They asked for a change in the General Secretariat and the general secretary has changed; They asked for a change in Integrity, and the head of Integrity has been dismissed. That is, there are some that have already occurred.”

Finally, he insisted that “with me present, In no meeting of the players, not even today, has the coach’s name come up. I cannot say how they feel. I have been saying it all week this week, but I am going to reiterate it, because there has been some misunderstanding: the CSD neither appoints, maintains, nor dismisses selectors of any national team. Therefore, it is a responsibility of the federation itself.” And he concluded by referring to the summons of Albert Luque and Rubén Rivera as defendants on October 10, precisely the same day in which the Joint Commission plans to endorse the initial document: ” By professional default and because I am a lawyer, I always respect what judges do, when it seems good to me and when it seems bad to me. In this case, you are making an instruction and it seems good to me that you try to thoroughly investigate the facts. Therefore, if you consider that people have relevant information, it seems correct to me.”

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