Piers Morgan Criticizes Emma Raducanu for Hypocrisy in HSBC Ad

Famous journalist and television presenter in England, Piers Morgan has for some time taken a dislike to his young compatriot Emma Raducanu who declared in an interview that ultimately women did not need men to flourish and progress in life .

After seeing the winner of the US Open 2021 in a new ad for the HSBC bank, Morgan drew her sword again and it’s quite violent.

“In the end, the princesses didn’t need a prince to save them. They started their own business, saved their money and spent it very wisely. Of course, we all know, the best way to improve women’s aspirations is to trash men. As Emma Raducanu said, women don’t need men at all. She certainly didn’t need men to get where she is today…except her father, who manages her career, and her five coaches who are all men. Then there’s his agent Max Eisenbud who is very, very good at maximizing his income…despite the fact that he’s a man. And then, in a final twist to this tale of virtue signaling betrayal, it turns out that the chairman, chief executive and CFOs on the board of HSBC are also all men. »

2023-09-28 12:40:00
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