Pablo Lima: The Greatest Brazilian Player in Padel History

The Brazilian player culminates an excellent career full of titles and statistics that place him as the best Brazilian player of all time and one of the best in history.

Pablo José Lima announced that he was bringing forward his retirement to this edition of the World Padel Tour of Madrid at La Caja Mágica after many years playing. “The Porto Alegre Canyon” leaves behind a career full of triumphs, titles and a lot of respect among his professional colleagues and fans. His story is well known that he arrived in Spain with only five euros in search of finding a place in the world of professional padel, and boy did he achieve it. Tenacity, effort and work were the hallmarks of a player who has gone down in the history of this sport.. With Juani Mieres he starred in a couple known as “The Princes”, who gave great battles to the couple formed by Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguín.

After years fighting face to face, he shared a trench with Bela in a couple that dominated world padel tennis for four years. Such was the dominance of the Argentine-Brazilian couple that the World Padel Tour introduced the “S” balls to hinder their volume game and help the rest of the couples. This was not his last successful journey, since he shared the court with young talents like Tapia or Galán, greatly influencing his future as players. Lima is a very beloved player since he was rarely involved in controversies, he never said a higher word than the other and gave everything she had every time she took to the court.

The path was not always easy for him, as he accumulated several injuries that marked a before and after in his career. Back, knee or ankle injuries were a real ordeal for a player who always knew how to return to a high level. The Brazilian showed that with humility and work you can achieve great things. As if this attitude were not enough, his quality as a player was very high, with a defensive level never seen before. The rivals had to suffer a lot to get a point from him and he was always willing to dive headlong for the ball. The Brazilian retires having also left a great legacy in his native Brazil, from which players have emerged. All this and more was, and is, Pablo Lima.

Pablo Lima career achievements

23 years as a professional padel player50 World Padel Tour titles2 Premier Padel titles4 years as number one16 Padel Pro Tour titles

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