On the other side of the world: pilot helps a girl to recover the doll she lost in Japan – El Sol de México

American Airlines pilot James Danen learned from a post on social media that a 9-year-old girl had lost her doll on a flight from Texas to Tokyo and he did not hesitate to help her.

Valentina Domínguez traveled with her family to the Asian country to spend the summer holidays and while there, she realized that her best friend “Beatrice”, an American Girl doll, had not arrived with them at the hotel.

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Her parents looked for Beatrice in all the travel suitcases, but they soon realized that the last time they saw her was on the plane, they immediately called Tokio Airlines and made a post on Facebook to try to get the best girl back. Valentine’s friend.

“Beatrice was a big part of our lives for the last three or four years,” her father Rudy Dominguez told WFFA. “I feel sad because she (Valentina) is very sad.”

It was at this point that James Danen, who frequently travels to Tokyo, upon hearing that an entire family was searching for the doll, sprang into action.

The pilot told WFFA that he went to the lost and found area at the Haeda airport in that country, where he found Beatrice. Later he and the doll undertook a trip so that Valentina could see her best friend again.

“The first time I tried to pick up the doll I went to the wrong lost and found so I came back the next week and found it at the Turkish Airlines lost and found they were very good they brought it to me in their baggage service,” story.

During the return, the pilot took several photos with Beatrice to let Valentina know that she was coming back and it was so that on August 21, the friends were able to be together again.

“I was lucky that my neighbor found the message online and contacted me, and he happened to be in Haeda that day,” he added.

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Rudy Domínguez, Valentina’s father, explained that the family did not think it was possible to recover Beatrice, because it was not until they were back in the US that they received the message that James had recovered the doll.

“There is a lot of goodness in this world. He is a kind man. He said he would do it and he did it,” he concluded.

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