OL Group Pays Belgian Host to Monitor Social Media and Improve Fan Engagement

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Yesterday, the site Olympic-and-Lyonnais dropped a little bombshell. Indeed, the media which follows OL on a daily basis revealed that OL Groupe had paid a host based in Belgium in 2022 in order to monitor on Twitter on themes linked to the club or Jean-Michel Aulas. Paid €12,000 excluding taxes for a three-month mission, this influencer, namely a certain David Barbet, came out of silence this Thursday on his account Twitter.

After explaining that he is not a journalist and that he does not have a press card, this host confided: “regarding OL, I was actually mandated to lead a mission (with the support of the president’s communications director, also in collaboration with the marketing director) intended to contribute to the improvement of the media as well as well as monitoring social networks in order to relay requests from supporters. Through this mission, my one and only desire was to allow the club to offer content more accessible to supporters via its OL media and to help renew the link between the club and its supporters so that both parties can move forward. together, hand in hand.” The message has gotten through!

Pub. 09/28/2023 4:28 p.m. Updated 09/28/2023 4:52 p.m.

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