Ohio State Wrestler Sammy Sasso Undergoing Rehab After Close Call with Bullet


The Ohio State wrestler is undergoing rehab after the bullet landed close to his spine.

September 01, 2023 · 12:42 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State wrestling standout Sammy Sasso faced an extremely challenging time as suffer a gunshot wound in the abdomen during a vehicle theft incident.

According to reports, Sammy Sasso he was the victim of a shot during a carjacking on the night of August 18 and spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit.

The athlete underwent surgery to extract bullet, which was near his spine, and unfortunately he suffered severe nerve damage in that area.

I want to sincerely thank everyone for their support at this very difficult time. It’s been an incredibly tough experience, but we’re constantly improving,” Sammy Sasso shared on his Twitter account.

According to, Sammy Sasso has been discharged from hospital and is currently receiving physical therapy to learn to walk again.

Columbus authorities have arrested Two youths, Casia Mayfield, 15, and Elijah Lee, 16, are facing charges of aggravated robbery and criminal assault in connection with this incident.

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