Niners Chemnitz Suffers Defeat Against Würzburg Baskets in EMS Cup, Nürnberg Test Match Up Next

At the EMS Cup in Nuremberg there was a 79:86 defeat against the Würzburg Baskets. The next test match against Nürnberg is already scheduled for Sunday.

The Niners Chemnitz Bundesliga basketball team lost the first preparatory game of the summer. The newly formed team lost 79:86 to league rivals Würzburg Baskets at the EMS Cup in Nuremberg. The Chemnitz team had major problems getting into the game, especially in the early stages. But then they improved and were about to turn the game around. Bitter is the loss of a new signing who injured his foot in the final stages.

In the first quarter, it was only two minutes before Niners coach Rodrigo Pastore called the first time-out – his team was already 2:10 behind there. As a result, it was clearly noticeable that Chemnitz, in contrast to Würzburg, played with the newly formed team for the first time. The interaction on the offensive did not fit yet, and the Niners had big problems on the defensive. If a Würzburg player went to the basket, he could usually only be stopped with a foul and was allowed to go to the free-throw line. If the baskets tried it from a distance, they were too often able to score three points undisturbed.

Coach Pastore tried out a lot, changing players and their positions almost every minute. We went into the first quarter break with a clear 18:30 deficit. On the plus side, players kept communicating with each other to identify and fix issues.

Things got better in the second quarter, and newcomer Jeff Garrett in particular was able to show what potential he had. DeAndre Lansdowne also set more and more accents. The three other foreign newcomers Kaza Kajami-Keane, Brendan Bailey and Wesley Van Beck, on the other hand, remained rather pale. The Niners went into the half-time break with a 38:48 deficit.

The Chemnitz came out with more energy, Pastore now also left some formations together longer on the plate. The Niners came within eight points, but then made too many mistakes and went into the last quarter 60-71 behind.

It got exciting again there, the Niners continued to reduce the gap with a lot of effort, but had to cope with the loss of newcomer Brendan Bailey in the final phase, who injured his foot. The diagnosis is still pending. In the end it wasn’t enough to turn the game around, Würzburg won 86:79 and advanced to the final against league rivals Hakro Merlins Crailsheim on Sunday. From 2 p.m., the Niners will meet the second division club from Nuremberg, coached by former Chemnitz player and assistant coach Virgil Matthews.


Niners: Garrett (18), Lansdowne (17), Richter (11), Bailey (11), Yebo (9), Kajami-Keane (7), Uguak (6), Van Beck, Lockhart

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