Neuenburg Atomics Baseball Team Settles for Seventh Place after Playoff Losses


Atomics for seventh place

With two defeats (3:13 and 11:18) against the Füssen Royal Bavarians, the Neuenburg Atomics baseball team missed the playoff games for fifth place in the second Bundesliga. After beating Füssen in the opening game, they were unable to match this performance and are now playing for seventh place against Saarlouis, who lost to Mainz Athletics.
In the second game of the playoff series against Füssen, the Atomics found no means against the strong Füssen pitcher Matt Malconian. Only in the fifth inning did Neuchâtel manage to score a few points, but by then the game had long since been decided at 3:10. In the decisive third game, the Markgräflers started better and took a 6-2 lead in the third inning. But then came the slump in the Atomics defense: In the last part of the third inning they conceded a full nine runs, in the fourth inning another four. The Atomics fought back to 11:15 in the sixth inning. But the Füsseners closed the sack with three more runs. On Saturday, September 16, 2 p.m., the Atomics want to say goodbye to their spectators with a strong performance in the last home game of the season against the Saarlouis Hornets.

2023-09-06 20:02:22
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