Nations League: Spanish women defend themselves against being called up

Nations League

There is a lack of clarity in the strike involving women’s soccer world champion Spain: 15 players from the national team were nominated on Monday by the new team boss Montserrat Tome for the games in the Nations League on Friday in Sweden and the following Tuesday at home against Switzerland. Tome said she spoke to the players before the squad was announced. However, the players explained in the evening that the strike was not yet over.

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The athletes said in a joint statement that they would still resist being called up to the national team. They want to make the “best decision” for their own future and health after examining the legal consequences that a rejection of the call-up could have.

The national team’s revolt was triggered by the kissing scandal involving the head of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and ultimately led to his resignation. The player affected by the kiss, Jennifer Hermoso, was not drafted. The 33-year-old was kissed on the mouth by Rubiales at the award ceremony after Spain’s final victory over England in Sydney on August 20th. Regarding the reasons for not nominating Hermoso, Tome said that they wanted to “protect” her.

The players had recently called for the resignation of other officials. As far as is known, this request had not been complied with by Monday. However, the RFEF published a communique in which it was emphasized: “We guarantee a safe environment for the players and are committed to a climate of mutual trust in order to work together to ensure that women’s football develops even stronger in the future.”

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