MMA: Cédric Doumbé announces the presence of Kylian Mbappé in his fight on Saturday after Clermont-PSG

Expected by everyone, initiated into MMA or not, Cédric Doumbé’s fight at the Zénith in Paris on Saturday caused a real tidal wave. For several days, many eyes have been on the Frenchman and his opponent, Jordan Zébo. Because the PFL fighter is making a lot of noise about himself on social networks, not hesitating to provoke his opponent, particularly via very inventive videos.

Inevitably, many personalities from sport, but also from music, wanted to come and watch this fight. Present at a press conference this Thursday, Cédric Doumbé announced the presence of some of them. “A lot of stars will come to see me on Saturday,” he confirmed. There will be Kylian Mbappé, the best French footballer. Francis Ngannou will be there too, as will Djibril Cissé, DJ Snake, Gims, Black M and other big names. »

This is not the first time that contacts between the former Glory world champion and the footballer have been mentioned. Last May, while he was a guest on the podcast “The MMA Hour”, Cédric Doumbé explained: “I spoke with him on FaceTime, he called me. He said to me: Look, I don’t know much about MMA and UFC, but I’ll get up at 5 a.m. for you. We have a friend in common, he’s the one who put us in contact. »

No need to get up at 5 a.m. therefore, since the fight takes place in Paris, but the Parisian will still have to return quickly from his trip to Clermont if he wants to be in the front row to see this fight, scheduled around 11 p.m. . He should be accompanied by other players from the Capital club. “I haven’t spoken to Kylian Mbappé recently but he told me that he would come with a few friends, half of the Paris Saint-Germain team will be there,” he said. They will come and support me, they love my trashtalking and my videos on social networks. They are impatient for the fight. » There is no doubt that with such supporters, and an overheated room, he will try everything to win.


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