Milestones of Spanish 3×3 Basketball in 2023: European Championships, Spanish Championships, and International Competitions

The 3×3 teams have left us four medals (the silver from the European Senior Women’s Championship and the two categories of the European U17 and the bronze from the European Games). Great success in the new Spanish U13, U15 and U17 Championships, and greater Spanish participation in club competitions. We review all the milestones of Spanish 3×3 basketball in 2023.

Place: Vienna (France) | Date: May 30 – June 4
Spain classification: 8th place | Gold: United States
The Women’s Team suffered in a very tough first phase (victories against Austria and Brazil and defeats against France and the Netherlands). They won the dangerous round of 16 match against Israel and lost in the quarterfinals against a powerful Australia.

Location: Cala Millor (Mallorca) | Date: June 9-11
Winners: Homs UE Mataró (men) and Easo Ibaeta (women)
First edition of a new tournament that left two winners of great merit and that served to form the selections of the category.

Place: Blanes (Girona) | Date: June 24-25
Winners: Catalonia (U13M), Madrid (U13F), Catalonia (U15M), C. Valenciana (U15F)
The 3×3 basketball festival was a resounding success with all the regional teams forming four teams to participate in Blanes. The work of the quarry from the little ones.

Location: Constanta (Romania) | Date: June 10-11
Women’s National Team: Classified | Men’s Team: 5th place
One of the most difficult and tense competitions on the calendar. The Women’s Team suffered and the defeat against Ukraine forced Denmark and Estonia to win. The Men’s Team showed good details, but Ukraine prevented them from achieving the challenge.

Location: Krakow (Poland) | Date: June 21-24
Women’s Team: BRONZE | Men’s Team: 9th place
The first medal of the summer came in Krakow with a women’s team made up of Alba Prieto, Helena Oma, Natalia Rodríguez and Cecilia Muhate. They lost in the semis to France and recovered to win the decisive match against Romania.

Clermont-Ferrand: 3rd place | Orleans: 1st place | Marseille: 5th place | Bordeaux: 3rd | Prague: 3rd place | Katowice: 5th place | Melilla: 2nd place | Pont du Gard: 5th place
Final position: 9th place | Winner: Canada
The Women’s National Team has played up to eight Women’s Series tournaments. Winners of Orleans and reached the final in Melilla. Due to scheduling problems, it was not possible to go to the final in Mongolia and Spain dropped to 9th place in the final.

Places: Albacete, Huelva, Marbella, Zaragoza, A Coruña and Tenerife
Dates: June 2-3, June 9-10. June 16-17, July 7-8, July 14-15, July 28-29
Champions: Santfeliuenc (men) and Agua y Jardín (women)
More and more quality and more number of teams and players in the great national 3×3 circuit. The fourth edition of the Herbalife 3×3 Series closed in Tenerife with tremendous equality that left Santfeliuenc and Agua y Jardín as absolute champions of the circuit.

Location: Bratislava (Slovakia) | Date: June 6-8
Location: Panevesys (Lithuania) | Date: July 5-7
Location: Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) | Date: September 13-15
U23 Men: 5th place | U23 Women: 10th place
The two U23 teams played a great role in the Nations League. In the previous phases four tournaments were won by the women and three by the men, with qualification for the Final in Ulaanbaatar. They couldn’t reach the semis there, with the boys playing a great role.

Location: Hannover (Germany) | Date: June 13-15
Location: Krakow (Poland) | Date: July 30-August 1
The U21 Teams were close to also getting into the final, with three tournaments won by the girls and one more by the boys.

Location: Jerusalem | Date: September 5-7
Women’s Team: SILVER | Winner: Netherlands
The great moment of Spanish 3×3 basketball in 2023. Sandra Ygueravide, Juana Camilión (ideal team), Vega Gimeno and Gracia Alonso won the silver medal, returning to a continental podium after three days of great competitive demonstration. Italy (quarterfinals) and Lithuania (semifinals) fell to the talent of Spain, before the final with the Netherlands.

Place: Voiron (France) | Closes: 5-6 August
U17 Men: Qualified | U17 Women: Qualified
First contact with international competition for two teams that showed good feelings in the Voiron Pre-European Championship, achieving qualification against Turkey in both cases.

Place: Debrecen (Hungary) | Date: Aug. 30-Sept
U18 Women: 12th place | Gold: United States
The women’s team had no luck, which was weighed down by the defeat in the debut against Lithuania. In the round of 16 Japan, ultimately the medalist, kept us from the fight for the title:

Location: Heraklion (Greece) | Date: September 22-24
U17 Men: SILVER | U17 Women: SILVER
The selection calendar closed with two medals for Spain and the feeling of working well in training categories. Marta Alsina (ideal team), Lucía Martínez, Irene Noya and Naia Zubiaga in women; and Eduard Coll, Alex Huguet, Gerard Villarejo and Michael Enabulele in men, returned from Crete with their first medal in 3×3.

The men’s club competitions continue their calendar until December, with the final in Jeddah. In 2023, Spanish representation has been more important than ever. Carlos Martínez, with Lausanne, was 2nd in the World Tour held in the Swiss city and 9th in Edmonton. He also won the Sansar Challenger to reach 42nd place in the world rankings. José Blázquez also played the World Tour of Cebu with the Philippine team of Lubao, while Santfeliuenc (as Herbalife winners) did a great role in the World Tour of Lausanne, with a creditable eighth place.

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