Mega-High Altitude to Grounded Champions: The Wagner Brothers’ Journey

Despite their mega-high altitude, they remained on the ground.

Less than two weeks ago, Moritz Wagner (26) and brother Franz Wagner (22) became basketball world champions with Germany. For the first time in the history of the tournament, we won the title. But the pair of brothers are still not taken off. On the contrary, one of them doesn’t even know his World Cup statistics.

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In an interview with “Zeit” Moritz Wagner admits: “I didn’t check the stats once during the tournament, I don’t even know how many points I scored myself.” Moritz Wagner got a total of 95 points in eight games, brother Franz to 67 in four games.

The Wagners have been playing together in the NBA for the Orlando Magic since 2021. They are often only perceived as a duo. Moritz, who is four years older, said: “Of course it’s cool when people realize: Oh, the two Wagner brothers are playing together in Orlando. But it’s annoying when fans and journalists ask me where my brother is right now. I don’t have a Franz compass with me. We are independent people who, despite having a lot in common, also have independent careers.”

Franz Wagner and brother Moritz (l.) together at the Orlando Magic

Photo: John Raoux/dpa

Franz and Moritz not only play on the same team in Orlando, they also live together. The brothers live in a house. Franz said: “That’s probably way too big for us.”

The difference between living there and living in Berlin? Franz: “Much more isolated, almost boring at times. So it’s really good that there are two of us. So we find a balance between the very intense NBA life, with cameras, interviews, all the games, then we come home and are very relaxed and sometimes put our cell phones away. Light a candle.”

A candle? Yes! This also reveals world champion Moritz’s second secret. The NBA star reveals: “I always have candles with me, even in hotel rooms, over the years you develop your quirks.”

They are now returning to the USA as brilliant world champions. The preseason begins for the Orlando Magic with the Wagner brothers on October 11th at the New Orleans Pelicans. The regular season starts on October 26th against the Houston Rockets.

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Source: BILD September 21, 2023

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