Massimo Cancellieri Leads Strasbourg to First Victory with Strong Defensive Performance

Arriving this summer after two seasons in Limoges, Italian coach Massimo Cancellieri tames the Strasbourg public with a first defensive and rough victory against Nanterre 92 (71-57).

This Sunday afternoon at Rhénus, SIG Strasbourg launched its season with an encouraging success against Nanterre. The Alsatians went first before the break and never looked in the rearview mirror afterwards, of course taking advantage of the clumsiness of the Ile-de-France residents (1/23 at 3-points). The fruit of a serious defense which pleased Massimo Cancellieri, especially in the third quarter with only 8 points conceded in ten minutes.

“I didn’t have specific expectations, I wanted to see my players be powerful and have soul and I think that today, and especially in defense, we did a good job, not excellent, but hey yes. On the other hand, we do a lot of stupid things in attack. We get too tired to find a basket. But normal and I prefer that rather than taking breaks in defense. I am satisfied but it should also be noted that the clumsiness of Nanterre helped us a little. But everything was not perfect,” he noted on the SIG website.

Already a reunion with the CSP

The Italian technician also hopes to build his success on the support of the public, as he did during his first year in Limoges. An opponent that Strasbourg will host next week on the second day. In the meantime, he appreciated what he saw and heard in the stands against Nanterre.

“I noticed the atmosphere. The audience was hot. I’ve seen people get angry with the referees, with the opponents and also with some of our players and that’s good. I like this ! I hope that we will be even more powerful, us and the public with us. »

Photo : Massimo Cancellieri (Philippe Gigon / SIG Strasbourg)

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2023-09-18 17:27:57
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