Mark Portanova, convicted of rape. The Rai radio commentator: “The fans didn’t want it, the goal silences the controversy.” Then the excuses – Football

The Rai radio commentary of the Serie B match between Reggiana and Cremonese has ended up in the crosshairs of social media. Radio 1 commentator Nicola Zanarini (who later apologised), on the occasion of the goal scored by Manolo Portanova, the striker sentenced to six years in first instance for gang sexual violence which occurred in an apartment in Siena in 2021, defined the goal “a wonderful goal that puts the controversy to rest, even if we then remember that in a few months there will be an appeal process”. The phrase is causing discussion at the moment and has sparked a long trail of comments. A few moments earlier, right at the moment of the goal, Zanarini had recalled that the hiring of Portanova by Reggiana had sparked controversy and criticism from part of the Reggio Emilia fans, especially the female fans.

Rai radio commentary on Portanova, the journalist apologizes

“I made a comment that was certainly out of place and I committed a serious negligence when describing Manolo Portanova’s goal. I certainly didn’t mean to say that the case was closed by a goal – the journalist later apologized – or that the controversy was swept away by a sporting gesture , so much so that immediately afterwards I recalled that the appeal after the first degree sentence of 6 years for the serious charge of gang rape will be held in the next few months in Florence. I have followed the issue in recent times, giving voice to the women’s associations of Reggio Emilia who contested the choice to sign the player and I also criticized the Granata club for its long silence on the matter – Zanarini recalled – and also underlined the great prudence of the Municipality in taking a position. Far be it from me to want to absolve a defendant for a goal, in the emphasis of the radio commentary I made a huge stupidity, for which I sincerely and profoundly apologize to all those who felt offended. Having immediately understood my mistake, in the continuation of the radio commentary I specified that the goal today certainly does not put an end to the Portanova case and the controversies that followed the player’s hiring.”

“I take note of the apologies but I ask the company to open disciplinary proceedings.” The director of Radio 1 Rai Francesco Pionati said this. “This is an investigation into what happened after hearing the parties.”

2023-09-16 19:45:50
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