Marc Marquez about the Future: Lots of Offers


Marc Marquez is rumored to be leaving Honda due to a series of poor performances. He did not deny that in those difficult times, many offers came in.

Even though his performance is declining, the name Marc Marquez has never been separated from the camera spotlight. Capable of winning eight world titles, Marquez has achieved what many people dream of. But recently, its performance has been dropping. The Honda RC213V was accused of not performing, making it difficult for the racers who rode it. Worse, in the 2023 season, Marquez found it increasingly difficult to control his motorbike until he was named the rider who crashed the most.

The future of ‘The Baby Aliens’ was much questioned. Moreover, the 30-year-old racer is being approached by several manufacturers. Even so, Gemma Pinto’s lover made sure that he would stay with Honda for the 2024 season.

“Yes, I know where to race in 2024. Until now I am still under contract with Honda and they put my name on all the bikes,” said Marquez in an interview with DAZN quoted on the MotoGP page.

“Of course there are many who offer. When you know someone is in a difficult condition and you really hope for it. Whether it’s from one or another, whether it’s a rejection or not, out of respect for all brands, I won’t say who, how, or how it happened. happened. But what is clear is that there was contact,” he said again.

Marquez also mentioned the Misano test which was said to be a crucial factor for his future. Even so he emphasized that it was not part of his own master plan. The Misano test, said Marquez, can only give a small picture of next season.

“I never said that my future depended on the test at Misano from my own words. We have to find the best solution for this project. And it started from Austria when we tried new aerodynamics. It was different, yes, but we tried something else, ” said the Repsol Honda rider.

“At Misano, you will get a little idea of ​​how the 2024 season will go, whether it will get better or worse. What is clear is that we have to keep working to find the best solution. When you are in this situation, you have to work together. On the other hand, it is difficult to get out,” he concluded.

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