«Lukaku like Batistuta, with Dybala he can bring Mou to the Scudetto area. Hands off Immobile, no one like him”

«Lukaku like Batistuta, with Dybala he can bring Mou to the Scudetto area.  Hands off Immobile, no one like him”

The championship, but not only, of Philip Inzaghi, one of the greatest Italian goalscorers of all time. Who better than him to talk about the national team, the Scudetto, Lukaku and Immobile, Raspadori and Scamacca who also represent the future for Luciano Spalletti, the new blue coach. From the top of his 3 Scudettos, 2 Champions Leagues and a World Cup that will never be forgotten, Superpippo must be read and interpreted: Roma and Lazio win the Scudetto, Italy once again on the roof of Europe, Ciro the goalkeeper. There truly is something for everyone in this heart-to-heart interview. «I’m at the beach, on vacation, unfortunately still affected by what happened in Reggio Calabria. But one day I’ll go back to that city and with the fans we’ll all take revenge together» recalls Superpippo before making the cards in the summer of our football, which in some ways was also turbulent.

Mancini’s resignation?
«They didn’t surprise me or even shock me but I don’t participate in collective trials. If he did so, he must have had good reasons, which we must not judge from the outside. Eventually Italy found the best coach around, Spalletti, and Roberto went to coach in Arabia. Everyone got what they wanted but let’s never forget that the former coach won a European title with the national team that nobody expected ».

And now there’s good old Luciano.
«The maximum, considering that he has just won the scudetto with Napoli after more than thirty years. A wonderful job, perhaps unique, which now allows him to make a dream come true. He deserved this recognition, you will see that he will do very well and will build a great national team, capable of defending the European title and going to the World Cup ».

And in the meantime, he must immediately choose his first number 9.
«But do we still want to discuss someone like Ciro Immobile? We are facing the greatest Italian striker of the last eight to ten years. Over 200 goals in six or seven seasons with Lazio: but what are we talking about, why is anyone still contesting it? Spalletti, who adopts the same form as Sarri, will start from him, but not only».

Who do you see running with Ciro?
«Definitely Raspadori, whom Spalletti coached in Naples. A different striker from Ciro, but still very good. Not an area man but a talent capable of playing with the team. Trust me, we’re safe with them.”

But are they enough for the national team?
“Retegui is also in the group, whom I know very little: but he’s used to scoring, so he’ll make room while waiting for Scamacca, who is perhaps the best of the young forwards.”

An eternal promise, until today.
«I was disappointed by his performance in the Premier League, with West Ham. I expected more but it’s never easy to go abroad and settle in right away. His return to Italy, to Atalanta, will lead him to the definitive explosion. Gasperini is a master with centre-forwards»

But how come there were so many forwards in your time and now they are few: is the culture of dribbling penalizing the growth of strikers?
“I think it’s just a coincidence. The cycles open and close: of course my competitors were many and not all Italian. Can I only mention Batistuta and Crespo? Think who I fought with»

The striker who held court in the summer is called Romelu Lukaku.
«I thought he would have stayed at Inter, with my brother, but in the end I realize that he has gone to the best team for him».

In what sense?
«Lukaku’s effect in Rome may be the same as Batistuta had in that city. Do you remember it? The push towards the Scudetto was dictated by the arrival of the Argentine. The square lit up and also the team ».

Do you think the emotional impact can be repeated?
«Of course, even if the competition is very strong. I say that Lukaku, paired with Dybala, can take Mourinho to the Scudetto zone, then I don’t know if they will be able to win. The Belgian could not have chosen a better place if he was looking for stimuli and appreciation ».

And Simone remained with the match in his hand.
«I wouldn’t say so, because the signings of Thuram and Arnautovic complete a department that can also take advantage of Sanchez’s qualities. Inter from the Scudetto, like Milan, Juve, Naples and the two Romans ».

Giroud more than Leao for now, the Rossoneri symbol.
«When Tonali left, as a Milan fan, I got worried, instead the club was very good at rebuilding the team with the right signings. But if Giroud still makes the difference at the age of 37 for the club and for the national team, it means that we are facing a great striker».

She supports Milan but then Simone will be on her way in the derby.
«He’s my brother, I’m happy that he finally gets the recognition he deserves. If Inter these days win a derby, I suffer less, of course».

But would you have ever made an exchange between Vlahovic and Lukaku?
«Never, and in fact not even Juve went to the end of this negotiation. You left Romelu at Roma and kept the Serbian, who is very good: he just needs to mature and grow up in a very difficult environment. The start was positive and this makes me think that Juve have an advantage over their rivals».

«Not to make cups, at least for a year. Allegri gains physical and mental energy, because every Champions League match is stressful. Believe me, even a plane ride can be tough for a team. Juve in the front row, in my opinion».

Napoli is late.
«It lost against Lazio, which remained in the top group with important investments. It’s not fair to condemn him because Garcia needs to be given time to settle in and bring his own ideas. Replacing Kim isn’t easy, the Korean was a champion man.”

Come Osimhen.
«Exactly, another prodigious striker. Quick, skilled with the head and also with the feet, right and left. One of the best in the world.”

Have we forgotten someone?
«Perhaps of Chiesa, since we are talking about strikers. I think like Allegri: you can score 14-15 goals by playing closer to Vlahovic and then go back to being a full back with Spalletti in the national team. I used to play at the time of his dad, Enrico, I see them very similar. Same name, same guarantees of success. Watch out for Juve, trust me».


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