LeBron James Expresses Desire to Play with a Microphone in Final NBA Season

The days pass and we are gradually getting closer to the end of an era in the NBA. There are only a few years left in the league for LeBron James and for that, the King intends to take advantage of every moment on the floor. Like his recent request, James wants to have fun. Indeed, the latter expressed the desire to be equipped with a microphone for one of his matches with the Lakers this season.

See you almost 39 years old, LeBron James is preparing to start what is potentially his final season in the NBA. Although he admitted to wanting to play with his son Bronny in 2024/25, the King also expressed his desire to retire after the sweep against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. Either way, the end is near. And it is for this reason that the star of Los Angeles Lakers suggested the idea of ​​being able to play with a microphone.

James wants to be inspired by baseball

In a story shared on his Instagram account on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the Akron native added a new thing to do before retiring from the courts: be equipped with a microphone during a match. An exercise that a Dodgers player (in baseball) performed recently, and which seems to have pleased LeBron : ” It’s awesome ! Maybe I should add that to one of my games this year for a quarter. » A far-fetched idea but which would allow observers to listen to him discuss with his teammates and his opponents.

The perfect candidate for the role

Moreover, James is one of the smartest players to ever step foot in the Big League. The four-time MVP sees the court like very few people in NBA history have seen. So it would be really special for fans to hear what he sees as this happens. We will now see whether or not he will have another high-flying season. In 2022/23, James averaged 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game while shooting 50.0% from the field and 32.1% from beyond the arc .

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