Kostja Mushidi: A Journey of Redemption and Second Chances in Professional Basketball

On Friday (8 p.m., live and free on BILD TV) FC Bayern gets going. Opening of the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga in BMW Park against Syntainics MBC from Weißenfels.

THE top favorite for the title against one of the smallest clubs in the BBL!

But this starting position cannot shock the MBC – especially not shooting guard Kostja Mushidi (25). He is happy that he can play on the BBL floor again and lead a life as a professional basketball player.

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Mushidi was very open in the Dyn format “360” with presenter and YouTube star Paul Gudde: “I had to earn respect again and show that I am still serious about basketball, even though it is my life.”

Drastic words after a violent crash!

Mushidi was considered one of the greatest talents in Germany, dreamed of the NBA, and registered for the NBA draft in 2017 with high hopes. But he couldn’t stop partying and smoking weed for too long. He told the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung: “I was addicted to grass.”


Review: After stints in Belgrade with KK Mega Basket and OKK, the Löwen Braunschweig signed him in 2019.

Mushidi: “From Belgrade almost to the NBA, then back to Germany and then on the street – I didn’t have a club. It was a very hard time. I brought my “bad habits” with me from Belgrade to Germany. When I think back, I have a little goosebumps, but in a negative way. I’ve done a lot of shit that I can’t unpack.”

Cannabis role model NBA Will our basketball players soon be allowed to smoke weed?

Source: BILD September 24, 2023

After just eight games, he was expelled for “disciplinary reasons” in December 2019. Mushidi: “The expulsion in Braunschweig was deserved. If you don’t get caught, then you continue to live like that and think that life the way you do it is right.”

But he got a second chance at the Schröder Club Braunschweig. NBA star Dennis Schröder joined his hometown club as a partner in 2018. Mushidi: “In the second season under Dennis as owner, I was taken off sick after three or four games – that’s what I’ll say. It was also, in a way, an illness, I have to say. It also needed to be treated. That’s what I did.”

Mushidi (r.) played 32 of 34 BBL games for the MBC last season and scored an average of 12.5 points per game

Photo: Uwe Koehn

Mushidi’s reputation was pretty much ruined; from then on, many in the basketball scene wrote him off and wrote him off. Mushidi: “I was so angry, so disappointed in myself for throwing everything away. I harmed myself during that time, which was very stupid.”

Open and honest words that fell on open ears at MBC. The club signed Mushidi in 2021 and things have been looking up since then.

Mushidi wants to play for world champions Germany: “Once you have taken part in all the national teams from the U15 to the U20, you also want to play for the big ones. I want to exceed my performance and yes, I am aiming for national selection.”

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