Katherine Rodríguez and Santana Martínez Named Athlete and Reporter of the Year at Banreservas Gala

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The distinguished taekwondo player, Katherine Rodríguez and the famous narrator of Las Águilas Cibaeñas, Santana Martínez, were chosen, athlete and reporter of the year, respectively, at the great Banreservas gala, Santiago’s Athlete of the Year and the Luís Luque awards, for the press sports, yesterday Monday night at the UTESA Dominican Convention and Culture Center.

The great winner, Katherine Rodríguez, represented by her father Domingo Rodríguez, triumphed immaculately in the most important taekwondo championships in the country, in the same way, she was extraordinary on the international level, while Santana Martínez, took the most outstanding award on television and co-leader as a narrator with forceful work.

Both were awarded by Pedro Genaro Pérez, representative of Banreservas; Rosa Santos, provincial governor of Santiago; Américo Cabrera, president of the ACDS and Juan Vila, vice minister of sports.

The grand gala began in a spectacular way, when the beautiful and melodious notes of an instrumental song performed by the vIolinist from Santiago, Mabel Torres, who is also a star basketball player, arrived majestically on stage, she was accompanied at the end by the modern dance group, Time Girl.
Elwin Peña ¨El Súper Profe¨, works for Record Rd as a writer, among many other media outlets.

Next, the president of the ACDS, communicator Rafael Américo Cabrera, gave the welcoming words and, at the same time, the central speech, in which, among other things, he congratulated the winners.s, likewise to the membership of the entity for their support, thanking the sponsors for their contributions, while Manny Gil, made an excellent and professional artistic presentation which was highly applauded, the acedeista Johanni Núñez said a religious prayer.

The Association of Sports Writers of Santiago (ACDS), organizer of the lavish activity held to a full house, presented special recognitions for their contributions to sport, to Fenix ​​Basketball, Abelito Rojas Helena and Tony Castellanos, who received their respective awards from the ACDS executive committee.

The award-winning athletes, the most outstanding of the year 2022

Women’s athletics, Johanna León and men’s, Melvin Marcelino; women’s basketball, Mary Coronado; male, Yeromi Rodríguez; youth Olympic baseball, Isaac Torres; superior, Gabriel Rodríguez; professional, Anéury Tavárez; Major League, Willy Adames; Major League rookie of the year, Christopher Morel.

Women’s boxing, Novoanni Núñez; male, Novoalber Núñez; bodybuilding and fitness, Lilibeth Durán; women’s gymnastics, Nicole Peralta and men’s, Jabiel Polanco; men’s kickboxing, Gregory Polanco; women’s karate, Brianna Suero; male, Miguel Diná; women’s swimming, Isabella Hernández; male, Josué Domínguez.

Women’s soccer, Katherine Núñez; male, Jean Luis Martinez;

Women’s Taekwondo, Katherine Rodríguez; male Saúl Tavárez; women’s table tennis, Eva Brito; male, Isaac Vila; women’s field tennis, Paz Cabral; male, Peter Beltran; men’s archery, Rubén Jiménez; men’s triathlon, Luís Tomás Méndez.

Women’s volleyball, Angélica Hinojosa; male, Ezequiel Duran.

Associations of the year, ABASACA and Boxing:

The award-winning sports reporters were:

Cameraman (Bernado Minier Award): Federico Basilis.

Radio Press (Reynaldo Filpo Award): Rolling Fermín.

Commentator (Félix Bruno Award): Martín Lajara.

Television (César Delmonte and Mother-in-Law Award): Santana Martinez.

Photographer (Antonio Martinez Award): Aneudy Tavarez.

Digital Media (Rafael -Pappy- Pérez Award): Elwin Peña.

Commercial Announcer (Virgilio Cepeda Award): Juan Peña.

Narrator (Ramon of the Moon Award): Santana Martinez and Jose Luis Rodriguez.

Written Press (Domingo Sainth-Hilaire Jr. Award): Bienvenido Tavárez (Tuto).

Chronicler Abroad (Rafael -Paquete- Fernández Award): Santiago Dolciné.

Militant Chronicler (Juan Mendoza Award): Zobeida Rivas.

The awards to the athletes were presented by the following personalities: Pedro Genaro Pérez, representative of Banreservas; Rosa Santos, provincial governor of Santiago; Juan Vila, vice minister of sports; Tony Peña R, provincial director of Sports; Rosalía Bonilla, from the UTESA Dominican Convention and Culture Center; Dagoberto Lokwart, president of the Santiago Kickboxing Association; Bárbara Hernández, president of the Santiago Archery Association; Juan -Tito- Ventura, from Kora coffee; Margarita Jáquez, president of the Santiago Swimming Association; Elías Pérez, president of the Santiago Athletics Association; Guillermo Saleta, member of the ACDS; Lineth Vila, president of the Santiago Table Tennis Association; Timoteo Pérez, president of the Santiago Gymnastics Association.

Aalso, by, Rafael Grullón, president of the Santiago Taekwondo Association; Jose Luis Aracena, president of the Santiago Basketball Association; Alberto Polanco, manager of Cibao FC; Pichí Almonte, president of the Santiago Baseball Association; Leonardo Almonte, of that entity; Ambiorix Cross, president of ABESA and Miguel Martínez, president of the Santiago Boxing Association.

The award-winning sports reporters received their awards from Ramón de Luna, ACDS; César Ureña, ACDS; César Delmonte y Consuegra, ACDS; Wascar Medrano, from the San José Cooperative; César Dionicio, ACDS; Pappy Pérez, ACDS; Olga Rodríguez, national sports glory; Francisco Peguero, president of the Vegan Sports Union; Leonardo Pérez; Sandy Jiménez, president of the Espaillat Sports Writers Association; Eddy Alvarez, DGII; Virgilio Cepeda, ACDS; Porfirio -Popo- Veras, ACDS; Ezequiel Sosa, ACDS; Miguel Peralta; Yisset Minaya, from the Santiago Baseball Association; William Ottenwalder; Alfonso Durán; Rafael Baldayac, ACDS; Naking González, ACDS; Nicolás Alvarez, ACDS; Paulino Pérez, ACDS.

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