Judo School Invites All Interested in Joining and Learning the Path to Softness

The Judo School “Master Jorge Ricardo Heitzmann Dojo”, belonging to the Sports and Recreation Secretariat of the Municipality of Esquel, It has places for all those interested in this sport and invites those who wish to be part of this team where people fall many times, but are taught to get up in the best way.

Alejandro Mansillatwo-time Argentine champion, is the judo teacher of the Sports Secretariat. The school is free, for both sexes and there are places in all instances. Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. for ages 5 to 17 and from 9 p.m. for ages 18 and up.

For those who are interested in participating, there are no specific requirements, you can come and observe a class on the designated days and times.“It is always little by little and at the beginning, both I and the rest of the team focus on inserting the new student,” the teacher pointed out.

Judo is the path to softness, where camaraderie and friendship are sought” and added that it’s all falls “In life we ​​have many falls and we have to learn to get up, not only on the tatami do we fall, but also outside and we have to know how to get up: I try to convey that in classes,” Mansilla explained.

It is noteworthy that this Thursday 28 seven students from this school travel to Caleta Olivia for high performance training. Mansilla thanked the Sports Secretariat for its support for this activity and, as he noted, this initiative will not only be valid for the present, but will also serve for everyone’s learning and for the future of the practice of this sport where students and teachers , they have plans to continue growing.

2023-09-28 12:38:57
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