Judo Club of Lille Unveils ‘Comme un Cœur’ – A Report on Inclusion Work

After reaching its record number of licensees at the end of last season, the judo club of the European Metropolis of Lille is starting 2023/2024 in the most beautiful way by unveiling “Comme un Cœur”. A report produced within the club by Coline Dangre, which traces the inclusion work carried out last season. New proof, if any were needed, of the unique dimension of judo… and of the unfailing investment of the northern club.

A word from Anthony Dangre, director of the Judo Club Sainghin-en-Mélantois.

“Between a medal at the French second division team championships, the national and international performances of our young Kris Oliver Siewe Djiekam and the qualification of five of our six teams for the French first division championships, last season really highlighted the aspect competitive club and we are very proud of it. However, the Judo Club of Sainghin-en-Mélantois is far from representing only this facet. The para-judo section is relatively new for us but it is already almost full, with sixteen members from a collaboration between the “Les Lauriers” and “Le 8ème jour” homes, which we welcome on Wednesday mornings. Among them, “Fred”, one of our club’s mascots, plays a major role in this film, which tells the story of a season in the footsteps of these students, with disabilities, whom we are gradually trying to include in activities and activities. judo club classes, thanks to the support of our volunteers and a golden godmother, Natalina Lupino. »

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2023-09-28 09:01:22
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