Juan Pablo Varillas Defeats Dominic Thiem in Second Set at ATP 500 Astana

Second set: Varillas lowered his revolutions, which was taken advantage of by Thiem to get within a game in the second set (3-2)

Second set: The first national racket continues to fight and manages to take the third game, going two up on the scoreboard (3-1).

Juan Pablo Varillas wins 3-1 in the second set against Dominic Thiem | Star Plus

Second set: All the skill of ‘Juanpi’ was demonstrated in the second game when he went 2-1 on the scoreboard over the Austrian.

Second set: Dominic Thiem’s ​​powerful serves complicate Varillas’ reception (1-1).

Second set: Good start from the Peruvian, who manages to win 40-15 over Thiem (1-0).

Second set: Juan Pablo starts the second set with a better face and takes a 30-15 lead.


First set: Varillas competed better in the last minutes, however, he could not defeat the Austrian and lost the first set 6-3. A better performance is expected from the Peruvian.

First set: ‘Juanpi’ wants to win the set and is getting closer on the scoreboard. A remarkable shot gives him the third game (5-3).

Primet set: Fatigue seems to take its toll on the national tennis player, who falls 5-2 to the Austrian in the first set.

First set: Juan Pablo Varillas wants to reverse the score and is two games behind Dominic Thiem (4-2).

First set: The Peruvian cannot stop the Austrian’s serves, who wins a new game (4-1).

Primet set: Varillas’ attempts helped him reach a distance with Thiem. The score becomes 3-1.

Juan Carlos Varillas plays his second set against Dominc Thiem | Star Plus

First set: The first national racket fails to raise its head. Dominic Thiem wins 3-0 and continues to extend the lead.

First set: Great reading by ‘Juanpi’ after the Austrian’s returns to lead 30-15 in the first game.

Great play by Juan Pablo Varillas against Dominc Thiem at the ATP 500 in Astana | Star Plus

First set: The Peruvian tennis player cannot recover and is 0-2 down on the scoreboard.

First set: In a fairly close start to the set, Thiem takes the first game, but Varillas leaves a good feeling.

Dominic Thiem takes the first game against Juan Pablo Varillas | Star Plus

Juan Pablo Varillas warms up prior to his duel with the Austrian Dominic Thiem. His debut is coming at the Astana Open 2023.

Juan Pablo Varillas will make his debut against Dominic Thiem at the Astana Open – Credits: Captura

The audience waiting for the duel between Juan Pablo Varillas and Dominic Thiem for the Astana Open.

Juan Pablo Varillas waits his turn to face Dominic Thiem at the Astana Open – Credits: Capture

The vibrant match between Marcos Giron and Wawrinka Stan ended (3-2). Juan Pablo Varillas waits his turn to enter the field of play.

The match between Juan Pablo Varillas and Dominic Thiem changes time and is now scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m. in Peru.

The match between Juan Pablo Varillas and Dominic Thiem changes schedule – Credits: Capture

The word of Juan Pablo Varillas

Prior to his participation in the Astana Open, Juan Pablo Varillas spoke with the official website of the ATP and revealed that the victory over Dominic Thiem last February helped him take an important leap in his career and get into the Top 100.

“I think that win and that week was a turning point for me. I realized that I was capable of being at that level and competing there, that I could do it for several games in a row,” the first national racket initially said.

Regarding the change that his life has taken in recent months, ‘Juanpi’ said the following: “Maybe about 10 months ago almost no one knew me and I was fine with that. I like being a normal guy, but now it’s changed. Likewise, he added that “it has been a great season, full of progress, believing in myself and what I can do on the track.”

Juan Pablo Varillas is preparing to face a new tournament on the circuit and receives the support of his sponsors just hours before his debut at the Astana Open against the Austrian Dominic Thiem.

Juan Pablo Varillas will debut against Dominic Thiem at the Astana Open – Credits: Instagram Capture

Juan Pablo Varillas vs Dominic Thiem: ‘Juanpi’ will measure strength on Thursday, September 29, against Dominic Thiem, 80th in the ATP ranking, at the Daulet National Tennis Center facilities for the first round of the ATP 500 in Astana. The first Peruvian racket will go in search of victory with the aim of qualifying for the next stage of the competition. However, his opponent will not make it easy for him, as he will go in search of his revenge.

Juan Pablo Varillas rose three places in the ATP ranking

After achieving good results in the different competitions in which he participated, Juan Pablo Varillas took a small leap in the new update of the ATP ranking. According to the list, the Inca tennis player managed to climb three places and now occupies box 67.

With a total of 10 points, the ‘white and red’ racket climbed the world circuit rankings, remains in the top 100 and managed to place itself among the 70 best in the world. Now, their objective will be to continue accumulating wins at the Astana Open, add and retain points in the remainder of the season and advance in the ranking.

Juan Pablo Varillas occupies box 67 in the ATP ranking – Credits: Capture

Last confrontation Juan Pablo Varillas vs Dominic Thiem:

It will not be the first time that Juan Pablo Varillas faces Dominic Thiem. The last duel between both tennis players was in February of this year at the ATP 250 in Buenos Aires for the round of 16. On that occasion, the Peruvian defeated the current 80th in the ATP ranking 2-0 (6-4, 6-4). In 2022, the story was different, since the Austrian managed to beat ‘Juanpi’ by the same score.

The national tennis player defeated the Austrian tennis player 2-0 with the sets 6-4 and 6-4 in one hour and 47 minutes. (TennisTV)

How Juan Pablo Varillas and Dominic Thiem arrive

Juan Pablo Varillas will face the first round of the ATP 500 after falling in his debut at the Chengdu Open 2-0 (6-3 / 6-4) against Grigor Dimitrov. Prior to that, he had three consecutive wins with the Peruvian team against Norway in the 2023 Davis Cup and the ‘bicolor’ advanced to the ‘qualifiers’. For his part, Dominic Thiem comes to the duel with the Peruvian after losing to Ben Shelton in the US Open, a match from which he withdrew due to a stomach problem that caused him nausea and prevented him from playing normally.

Varillas TV Channel vs Thiem for the ATP 500 Astana

The duel between the Peruvian and the Austrian will be broadcast on the international network ESPN. In addition, the content will also be available on the Star Plus streaming platform, which has the exclusive rights to broadcast all ATP 500 matches in Latin America. It is important to mention that you can find the preview, all the incidents and the minute by minute on the Infobae Perú website.

The match between the Peruvian and the Austrian will be broadcast on Star Plus – Credits: Capture

What time is Varillas vs Thiem played at ATP 500 Astana

Juan Pablo Varillas will make his debut at the ATP 500 in Astana against Dominic Thiem this Thursday, September 28. This clash is scheduled for 07:00 Peru time and 18:00 local time (Nur-sultan, Kajakistan). In Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela the commitment is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. While, in countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay an hour later.

Where the ATP 500 in Astana is held

The Astana Tournament or also known as the Astana Open is held on the hard courts of the Daulet National Tennis Center in the city of Nur-sultan, Kajakistan. The duel between Juan Pablo Varillas and Dominic Thiem will take place on the center court of the venue. It should be noted that, in the 2022 edition, it became an ATP 500 and a permanent tournament on the circuit.

Daulet National Tennis Center is the venue for the ATP 500 in Astana – Credits: Lautaro Miranda / Twitter
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