Join the Friends of Bénèche for an Exciting Introductory Archery Session

The Friends of Bénèche association, chaired by Maurice Faucon, offers to take part in an introductory archery session. She invites future participants to meet in the park located behind the Bénèche country house, on Saturday September 30 from 2 p.m.

This session is open to all, free and without obligation. No financial participation will be requested. The Caussadais Archers association will be responsible for supplying and installing the shooting range, in particular the targets and bringing the appropriate equipment, bows, arrows, etc., for both adults and children.

To best organize this pleasant and friendly moment, it is necessary to register with the organizing members, before Thursday September 28, Jean-Luc Ronda on 06 60 93 97 78, Béatrice Borgna on 07 87 74 68 69, Maurice Faucon on 06 08 41 31 85 and/or Michel Gramond on 06 82 23 10 90. The number of places is limited.

2023-09-24 03:09:00
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