João Cancelo Acknowledges Bad Performance but Still Makes Impact in Vital Game

Showing enormous sincerity and self-criticism, João Cancelo He openly acknowledged his bad encounter before the Celta in Montjuïc. “I was playing a very bad game. Technically I made a lot of mistakes,” he said. And he added: “He was lost in his head”, with failures inappropriate to his quality and noticeable due to his double function as a winger and interior player.

His numbers, however, explain that he had a lot of impact on the game and that they were better than many of his teammates, according to Opta. With an assist and a goal to his credit, the Portuguese full-back was one of those who finished the most well on goal (2), one of those who completed the most passes (81), only behind Koundé (136), the fourth with the most completed passes (17) after the center back (32), Gavi (22) y Gündogan (18), the one who attempted the most crosses (4), the one who completed the most dribbles (2), the player with the most tackles won (4) and the second with the most recoveries (8), as Koundé (8).

And it is that Canceledgood or bad, he intervened on 137 occasions, 13 less than the French centre-back, with 98 good passes and 82.7% effectiveness in the combination of his players. Xavi He didn’t seem to give him a bad grade at all either: “We tell them to dare, that it doesn’t matter if they fail. We learn from failures and mistakes. Maybe he didn’t play his best game, but he had faith, he gave the assist to “Robert, come in as the second line… these are things that, without playing well, win a vital game for us.”

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2023-09-24 10:10:15
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