Japan and the parallel universe of Verstappen and Red Bull – Start it, for God’s sake!

This has been the Second World Cup; that is, the World Cup to see who came second because There was little or nothing to do with Verstappen’s Red Bull in the first position. Not even Czech Perez has been a threat to the Dutchman, who could become world champion in the next grand prix to be held in Qatar. It would be the second title in less than fifteen days, because the bull’s team is already the Constructors’ world champion after Max’s overwhelming victory in Japan. He almost made a fool of the rest of the cars and drivers in qualifying and in the race only Norris compromised him at the start, but for just a couple of seconds.

Without Verstappen in the race we would have one of the tightest World Championships with quite a lot of equality between the teams. If last weekend it was Ferrari that dominated the mortal world, this weekend has been McLaren, but we have also seen Mercedes and Aston Martín rub shoulders with Red Bull on the podium. But in the end no one remembers who came second and only the name of the winner is written in the books.

Max Verstappen could reach Senna and Prost’s numbers this season. The Brazilian could be equal in number of world championships, the Frenchman in the number of races won; If nothing changes in the rest of the teams, as this regulation remains in force for a few years, he will surpass these F1 stars to place himself on the Olympus of this sport.

Of the rest, highlight Lando Norris for a brave start and incredible pace: no wonder Red Bull thought of him to replace a Checo Pérez erratic, slow and did not finish the race. And although Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin couldn’t pop the champagne, they can all draw positive lessons.

Ferrari has shown that it has overcome its problems of extreme tire degradationMercedes continues to grow without putting limits on its drivers to compete and Aston Martin has recovered some performance, surpassing Alpine, although their top speed hinders them.

Fernando Alonso y Carlos Sainz They could have been further ahead, but this time the stopping strategies were not the most optimal, the wall was wrong, it was slow – especially in the case of Ferrari with Carlos – and the drivers were left behind. Both took points home although they could have been more.

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